15 Gallons Of Cow Farts

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Economy, Environment

Apparently some cars that run on natural gas are using refined methane to go, go, go. The kicker? It’s 1/5th the price of regular gasoline.

Oh Bessie!

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7 Responses to “15 Gallons Of Cow Farts”

  1. BrianOfAtlanta Says:

    Unless you shield that tank well from collision, it could give a whole new meaning to the phrase “bombing around town”. There’s a reason propane-powered buses have their tanks mounted on the roof.

  2. Brian in MA Says:

    Personally I just think this is a clever way for you to use “Farts” in a post title, Justin.

    But seriously, I’d like to know hoe much cow-rear I’d need to be around to “refuel”.

  3. probligo Says:

    As a matter of interest, NZ has had a measurable fleet of vehicles powered by CNG and LPG since the 1970′s oil shock.

    Today approximately 50% of taxis are LPG powered, but the number of CNG vehicles has declined somewhat.

    Since the 1970′s there has not been one reported accident in NZ where the fuel tank on a CNG or LPG vehicle “bombed”. There was one involving a CNG vehicle that caught fire (cause not related to the fuel – someone poured petrol and lighter on it and dropped a match). The CNG tank vented in exactly the manner required as the tank heated. Yeah – car fart!

  4. Conrad M Cummings Says:

    I was in a position to view this very large “Bull Fart” through the haze of the forever-more…and it related that I was the one that enabled restoration of our “past” ever enlarging ozone hole problem…I announced it’s restoration two months in advance “however it only required two weeksâ€Â? to include the anomaly in space…that vaguely explained the matter…
    Are you impressed? If not impressed, you should be somewhat thankful…the future outcome of the continuing demise would have shortened our footsteps greatly…
    As for the remaining chapters of mankind within the aggregate of all creation…well…I am more informed than any…and whenever possible I help to better things as we continue…
    Just to mention…because of a great creation tributary flux beginning on or about 2000 AD, effecting mostly the estates of mankind…lasting 26 to 28 years at the outer most branches…or until the great abyss completes it last and final change…from one of “stair cased and dimensional catacombsâ€Â? to one of “line to light and foreverâ€Â?…there will be some uneasiness and disheveled feelings from time to time…as we’ve already experienced to some degree…also for those that are more informed, death, insanity and perishment irreversible will result for any and all that traverse from “time to timeâ€Â? and “estate to estateâ€Â?…until the flux completes itself…
    (Oh’ the many things status quo has yet to receive as common knowledge)
    There will be many singularities in creation effect “as dualities of similar� for the majority of mankind…these things cannot be avoided because of the ongoing tributary flux…
    These things are only points of knowledge in relation to the “nowâ€Â?…and concerning these things, some/and/many people from “time to timeâ€Â? and “place to placeâ€Â? will be placed inadvertently within other times and places because of the changing of the great abyss…this is in relation to completions of the outermost branching of tributary…in relation to the tributary flux effected by the changing of the great abyss…however few will know or understand their position in such matters…
    May None Perish
    The American Chieftain

  5. Justin Gardner Says:

    Personally I just think this is a clever way for you to use “Farts� in a post title, Justin.

    You got me. :>D

  6. Conrad M Cummings Says:

    SHOULD?…”I say I am sorry for inadvertantly dumping my above related story on the Donklephant web site”…???…I feel that I should…and I will…SOooo “I’m very Sorry”!

    Many Stars to you (many lifetimes)

    The American Chieftain CMC-USA

  7. Jess Says:

    The government just banned asthma “inhalers” because they say the CFC’s make a hole in the ozone. DUH government, we are inhaling these – get the operative word? So are they really saying that an asthmatic who uses inhalers has farts that are fatal to the ozone? I want my farts analyzed.
    Meanwhile I can spray hairspray directly into the air, but I cannot inhale a medication. It makes no sense. Yay for global warming I say, because I will die soon without my meds and the ground will be nice and warm!

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