What About Rove?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Elections, General Politics

Is the G.O.P. losing their patience with the man who convinced the country to twice elect George W. Bush? While the following NY Times story paints a lukewarm picture on Karl, something tells me that his ability to raise over $10 million for the party means that people still respect him, fear him and will definitely keep listening to him.

Still…there are certainly visible cracks in the political foundation built by the man people call The Architect.

In Michigan last week, Dick DeVos, a Republican candidate for governor and a longtime contributor to Mr. Bush, startled national Republican Party leaders with a searing attack on the president for failing to meet with the leaders of the Big Three automakers. “We’re being ignored here in Michigan by the White House, and it has got to stop,� Mr. DeVos said.

His communications director, John Truscott, said the attack was timed to coincide with Mr. Rove’s visit to Michigan for a fund-raiser, in an effort to goad Mr. Bush into a response. Asked if the DeVos campaign was worried about angering Mr. Rove, Mr. Truscott said, “That never even crossed our mind.�

Representative Thomas M. Davis III of Virginia, who was chairman of the Congressional Republican campaign committee in 2002, said Mr. Rove and the White House seemed measurably less involved this year.

“It’s been more of a bunker mentality, don’t you think?� Mr. Davis said. “They have been good in terms of raising the money. The problem is, you have a president with a 38 percent approval rating, and it just changes the dynamics of what they can do.�

What will be Rove’s place in history? Political genius or the architect of a new Democrat majority? Perhaps a catalyst for a third party composed of Republicans who got sick of the G.O.P. but didn’t want to become Democrats?

What do you think?

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2 Responses to “What About Rove?”

  1. Daniel DiRito Says:

    See a tongue-in-cheek visual of Karl Rove singing his familiar songs with his usual ensemble…here:


  2. Bob J Young Says:

    In Hollywood, your only as good as your last movie.

    In Washington your only as good as your last approval poll.

    The tactic of scaring the public in line has warn thin, even with bush supporters. When you try selling a mentally ill person yearning for a bow and arrow as a national security threat, your just flushing your career down the toilet.


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