The Michael J. Fox Effect

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Elections, Polls, Science

New polls show that the ad had an impact…

Among all respondents, support for stem cell research increased from 78% prior to viewing the ad, to 83% after viewing the ad. Support among Democrats increased from 89% to 93%, support among Republicans increased from 66% to 68% and support among Independents increased from 80% to 87% after viewing the ad.

The level of concern regarding a candidate’s view on stem cell research increased among all respondents from 57% prior to viewing the ad to 70% after viewing the ad. Among Democrats, the level of concern increased from 66% to 83% and Republicans’ level of concern increased from 50% to 60%. Independents’ level of concern increased from 58% to 69%.

I guess my question is…what did it do for you?

And one last look at Limbaugh, because after his apology he continued to claim that Fox wasn’t taking his meds that day and that Democrats were politicizing disease. Well, Fox also did an ad for Arlen Specter a couple years ago during his reelection campaign. So that point, like many Rush makes, is moot.

Watch the video of when Limbaugh said what he said, and share in the comments if you really think anybody should be defending him.

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2 Responses to “The Michael J. Fox Effect”

  1. probligo Says:

    Is this the same Limbaugh fella who was the apple of the right wing eye during the early years of the Bush regime? The font of all truth and everything American immediately after 9/11 and during the early pary of the WOT?

    Has it taken this long to realise what the King has been wearing?

  2. Eural Says:

    Sadly, I have spoken with people who are adament that Limbaugh is still only speaking truth to power. Fox is a democrat tool, they’re playing the victim card again, liberals are lying about the effects of the disease, you name it…. And these are “good” people who go to church and claim they just want common decency restored in America. Its really disturbing if you think about it.

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