Wacky Sex Crime Laws

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Law, Sexuality

This is doozy from Utah

Salt Lake City – Utah Supreme Court justices acknowledged Tuesday that they were struggling to wrap their minds around the concept that a 13-year-old girl could be both an offender and a victim for the same act – in this case, having consensual sex with her 12-year-old boyfriend.

The Ogden, Utah, girl was put in this odd position because she was found guilty of violating a state law that prohibits sex with someone under age 14. She also was the victim in the case against her boyfriend, who was found guilty of the same violation by engaging in sexual activity with her.

“The only thing that comes close to this is dueling,” said Associate Chief Justice Michael Wilkins, noting that two people who take 20 paces and then shoot could each be considered both victim and offender.

This isn’t hard, just say it with me folks…case dismissed.

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7 Responses to “Wacky Sex Crime Laws”

  1. Vicki Frei Says:

    Oh lord…. only in the truly weird and hardly wonderful world of Utah Mormon idiocy…. Geesh. And here I was hoping no one from the larger world would pick up on this one…. forlorn hope, obviously!

    Yep, case dismissed should be the logical outcome. But don’t hold your breath, okay?

  2. DosPeros Says:

    Vicki, out of curiosity, would you find it appropriate if I went to New York and then made reference to “Jew Idiocy.”

  3. newsgnome Says:

    Vicki, baby, you’re doing great. For the religious you start out taking the name of the Lord in vain. Then you show your bigotry against a religion about which you apparently have little understanding. Why do you hate Mormons? What have they done to you? You admit you are hopeless.

    I would be interested to know your definition of logic specifically in this case. I would guess you support a woman’s right to chose, but you would be opposed a 21-year-old man getting a 13-year-old pregnant, who then takes her to an abortion clinic. Then he convinces the girl to refuse allowing authorities to examine abortion clinic records revealing the man’s name to protect the privacy of the 13-year-old child. So, the man is able to walk becauce of the “logic” of the privacy issue. Is that Fair “Vicki?
    Is a 21-year-old having sex with a 13-year-old statutory rape?

    At what point is there an effort made to stop sex among pre-pubescent children. Since Bill Clinton told children oral sex isn’t sex, the problem is getting worse and worse. How do you stop it, Vicki? How do you protect the children, Vicki? What is you’re Solomoneque decision?

  4. BenG Says:

    You may or may not be a Morman, but you certainly are a MORON ! Talk about religious hopelessness, saying “Oh Lord…” can’t be saying His name in vain because that’s all I hear you idiots saying over and over again to justify some very violent, destructive behavior. So keep prayin for your Godfearing people who send so many of our good young men & women to die for no good Goddamn reason !!!
    Just get on with your self-proficizing lunacy and LEAVE THE REST OF US ALONE. I’m am looking forward to the end of YOUR days (2008 ?)
    We’ll keep praying too.

  5. Vicki Frei Says:

    newsgnome: I have lived in the state of Utah for the last 20+ years. I regularly deal with mormon idiocy in regards to practically every facet of life for a non-mormon 60-ish female atheist drinker (but non-smoker, non-druggie) living in their territory. Deal with it. I do on a daily basis.

  6. Bess Says:

    I can relate to Vickie as a non-Mormon in Utah, but I don’t think this is a case of Mormon mentality gone bad.

    I think it’s a case of two kids who grew up too fast. I don’t think these two should go throught the courts, but maybe take a look at the parents.

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