Semper f-Eye

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Nicholas Popaditch lost his eye in Iraq…so we rebuilt him.

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6 Responses to “Semper f-Eye”

  1. gerryf Says:


    Normally, I read your entries with a combination of anticipation or at least interest. This time, it was just repulsion.

    I am not sure what the sentiment might be that prompted retired gunnery sergeant and tank commander Nicholas Popaditch to put an emblem of the USMC on his prosthetic eye–I imaging it was a mixture of pride and support for the service–but for you to so cavalierly make an illusion to an at best silly 1970s show in the Six Million Dollar man cheapens both the Marine Corp and this man’s tragic loss.

    Rebuild him? No. Not even close. The man lost his right eye and most of the vision in his left eye. It is just one of many tragic losses in both life and limb that our soldiers have had to endure in a pointless, wrong-headed war.

    Cheap jokes for what amounts to filler on a slow newsday are unwarranted and sad.

  2. DosPeros Says:

    Obviously, Popaditch is a demure sort of Marine, prone to a thousand tiny psychic cuts from the tasteless razors of Justin’s wit. And you, gerryF have topped the scales on sanctimonious bullshit. Okay, we get it – the war in Iraq is bad, pointless, wrong-headed, blah, blah, blah. You offer no solutions, except a wet rag and pointless, wrong-headed brow beating. I bet a survey of actual Marines would find no offense taken at the post. No shit he lost his eye – the point wasn’t that he’d gotten USMC contacts.

    Here’s a big literary concept for you gerryF: Tragedy and comedy are very much related. The folly of man is comic and often tragic. So maybe, JG was in fact bringing attention to the tragic through its own comedy. And in fact that eye looks like a 20.2:1 eye: complete with scope, infrared, night-vision and laser beam.

    Please remove the stick from your ass immediately.

  3. gerryf19 Says:

    Hello pot, this is the kettle….seriously, I’d take that shot from most people if they consider my response insincere, but of all people who comment on this site, you are truly the most sanctimonious of them all. Your constant ride on the high horse often makes me wonder if you even believe your own nonsense anymore. You’re a broken record and I expect nothing more or less from you–I expected something a little better than the callous, cheap humor from Justin, hence the response.

    It is, however, your callous disregard for anything but your mindlessly following a broken political policy/party that is most annoying. You and others like you have sworn blind obedience to a group of people who care not one lick for that solider or the many like him. Support the troups. Hah. Look what your support has done.

    You want a solution? Stop following this obscene administration, empowering it to continual “staying the course.” Listen, if you’re conservative and come by it honestly, I’ve got no beef with that, but even the staunchest conservative should have left this group years ago. You sir, are no better than a mindless sycophant who enables the worst behaviors–and in this case, your enabling means people die and are hurt horribly.

    If that is sanctimonious sentiment, I can live with it. No doubt you can live with your own venomous spewing, but the real tragedy is that you can sleep at night knowing that people are over there dying for no reason.

  4. DosPeros Says:

    Well, you are officially not invited to the “DosPeros Give-War-A-Chance Jamboree” this year.

    Gerryf, I am arrogant and, quite often, rude, but almost never sanctimonious. I am also a realist, which might make me callous (so you can have that one.)

    As for the rest of your drivel: You sound like the love child of Fran Dresher and Sean Penn. Yes, you are so brilliant and everybody else is “mindless” and you, of course, have an absolute monopoly on “caring” for the troops.

    Look, God doesn’t read this blog because it is significantly left-of-center – so quit trying to impress him with your heart of gold. He’s not watching, he’s over at the Drudge Report and Naitonal Review Online. Fuck wad.

  5. gerryf Says:

    Ahh, and now the cursing. How wonderfully mature of you.

    I may have had a visceral response to what I thought was a callous, off-color passing remark–I’ll even grant it may be an over-reaction. And I’ll even admit that I responded to your post in a sour mood. I apologize to anyone else who might be reading for lowering myself to that kind of level.

    But you’re the one who wants to engage everyone personally on some base level. Name calling. Arrogance. And maybe a little narcissism tossed in for good measure. For God’s sake make, man, don’t you ever get tired of hearing yourself pontificating?

    On your best day, you’re a verbal bully. And you haven’t had a good day for a while.

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