Virginia Republicans Must Swear Allegiance To GOP To Vote In Primary

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This is SO telling.


RICHMOND, Va. – Voters in Virginia’s Feb. 12 Republican presidential primary will have to sign an oath swearing loyalty to the eventual GOP ticket.

The State Board of Elections on Monday approved a state Republican Party request that all who apply for a GOP primary ballot first vow in writing to vote for the Republican presidential nominee next fall.

Want to know why?

Voters in Virginia do not register by party. Since the mid-90s, the state’s Republicans have fretted that Democrats might meddle in their primaries, which are open to all registered voters.

Yeah, I’m sure Democrats will be streaming to the polls to vote for Republicans instead of Democrats. Okay.

Good night.

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5 Responses to “Virginia Republicans Must Swear Allegiance To GOP To Vote In Primary”

  1. Jimmy the Dhimmi Says:

    I don’t like the rule that you can vote in both primaries. It should be one man, one vote. One could try to sabotage the other party’s chances in the general election by voting for the weaker candidate in their primary.

    But swearing allegiance to a party as a prerequisite to voting in an election? The state board of elections are retards. Just make registration as a republican a pre-requisite. That should be enough of a “vow” anyway.

  2. david Says:

    You can’t vote in both, you have to pick one or the other. Many states have that and for some of us (who aren’t brainwashed, party before country morons) it works very well. Republicans truly are facists!

  3. Ziusudra Says:

    I’m a newly independant Virginian who has historically voted blue and am considering voting in the Rebuplican primary. Of course, I may also vote for the Republican canidate as a vote for divided government (as long as it’s not Giuliani.)

    Now I’m tempted to just out of spite.

  4. gerryf Says:

    I have no issue with either party making any requirements they want to vote in a primary–AS LONG AS THEY PAY FOR THE ELECTION

    Since voters pay for the election, the party has no business making any restriction whatsoever–furthermore, I think any voter should be permitted to vote in both primaries.

  5. Robert D. Says:

    OK, I think primaries ought to be open only to registered members of that party, but aside from that, how is this even legal? Suppose a Republican votes for Ron Paul in the primary and then Paul loses to Romney or someone else? Why is that person OBLIGATED to vote for Romney if they dont like him?

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