George Bush = Anti-Reagan

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Strategic Vision asked Iowa Republicans what they thought about W:

2. Do you see President George W. Bush as a conservative Republican in the mode of Ronald Reagan? (Republicans Only)
Yes 7%
No 72%
Undecided 21%


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11 Responses to “George Bush = Anti-Reagan”

  1. gerryf Says:

    To which I can only say, it took them 8 years to figure this out?

  2. mw Says:

    Who was it that said “Facts are stubborn things.”?

    Oh yeah. It was Ronald Reagan (quoting John Adams).

  3. Jeremy Says:

    George Bush=worst thing to happen to this country in a long while. 9/11 was bad but Bush is worse than 9/11. Much worse!

  4. mw Says:

    umm… Jeremy. Can you spell hyperbole?

  5. Jeremy Says:

    umm…mw. Can you spell living in a wishfully vacuous reality? It’s not 9/11 that took away America’s rights, it’s Bush.

  6. Elisabetta Says:

    Anyone that can draw a comparison between President Bush and Sept. 11 and view the former as “worst” needs to get some sleep to refresh his brain.

    Were not for President Bush’s appropriate actions, actions supported unanimously by Congress, and actions previously deemed necessary – prior to 9/11 – by a democratic president and his administration, who knows how many more 9/11 we would have had to face.

    Despite our right been “taken away” America remains the freest country on the globe.

  7. Jeremy Says:

    “Anyone that can draw a comparison between President Bush and Sept. 11 and view the former as “worst” needs to get some sleep to refresh his brain.”

    Elisabetta, in terms of body counts how many 9/11s would you approximate have occurred in Iraq since we invaded it? Count’em up! 3000 X n Iraqis = n 9/11s.

    “Despite our right been “taken away” America remains the freest country on the globe.”

    There is but one type of freedom. The idea of freedom is not! freedom. We’ve got Americans spying on Americans without lawful consent which is expressly against our constitution. All under the guise of “keeping us safe.”

    As far as I am concerned the terrorists have already won. They’ve managed to allow the hard-liners in our country to use the attacks of 9/11 to do business in secrecy with the biggest corruptible at the head of operations (Bush). All the while these people are profiting off of the fear factor (the War on Terror). The weapons industry and the oil industry have never had it better.

    As far as this being the “freest” country on the face of the Earth. Yeah you are free alright, free to not question the “War on Terror.” Free to not speak out against the war unless you like being “outed” or “maligned.” Free to news which isn’t news at all. Free to charge up your credit card. Free my ass. This country is a lot less free than some other countries. Canada is the first that comes to mind along with a dozen others. You’ve really bought into the “FREE” propaganda. It reminds me of walking down the supermarket isle and seeing the words 40% FREE! or 50% More! Leave it to your ordinary dipshit American to buy into the “Freedom isn’t Free” revolution! Get your bumper sticker today! Be a good, free! little American.

  8. Elisabetta Says:

    Jeremy get a grip on reality and stop propagating lies.

    The majority of civilians and our troops deaths in Iraq are the direct result of terrorists’ acts. The casualties, unfortunately, are part of any wars. Delve into any past war and tell me innocent people were not killed.
    It’s ludicrous for you to lay the deaths of most Iraqis at the door of America.

    As far as Americans “spying on Americans” you are been quite economical with the truth. Terrorists and those with ties to them are watched and their conversation tapped. There is the way intelligence is gathered, in civilized countries. Your freedom or mine is not hampered.
    Without the CIA, FBI and others organizations involved in fact-finding of threats, we would have suffered many more losses since 9-11.
    Fuss all you want about being spied upon; it’s just a canard. The other canard is that you and others are not free to speak against the war, are not free to question. What the heck do you call what you et al do on the Internet and elsewhere?
    When were you ever silenced? NEVER. You have been free to spread all kinds on untruths, many of which go unchallenged; easily trash this President without proof, constantly whine your incorrect perceptions or blunders you believe have been committed by this administration. NOT once have you been hampered or deprived of your freedom to speak and move around freely.
    Save you are NOT going to lambaste your opinions and have them accepted without dispute. You see, I am afforded the same freedom and that must drive you crazy. Not my problem.
    Sell the lie that you are deprived of freedom – any freedom – to some idiot. You won’t have my shoulder to cry on.

  9. Elisabetta Says:

    “There is the way intelligence” should read, “That is the way…”

  10. David Says:

    Hmmmm, Bush finished the job Reagan started…..bankrupting America, and republicans love it. I guess the republicans in Iowa are just liars….come to think of it, all republicans are.

  11. Jeremy Says:

    “The majority of civilians and our troops deaths in Iraq are the direct result of terrorists’ acts.”

    Excuse me Elisabetta but perhaps your the one in need of a reality check. Our own generals in Iraq have said the majority of resistance they are seeing and casualties inflicted are from Iraqis NOT “terrorists.” Do terrorists kill Americans in Iraq? Yes. Are they the ones inflicting the majority of casualties? No. Go pull up half a dozen NY Times or Washington Post articles. Our own generals are on record stating that very fact. When you learn to get your facts straight it might be worth carrying on a discussion with you. Until then keep you made up BS to yourself.

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