Clinton, Romney Ahead In Nevada Caucus Polls

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This would be a very important win for Romney to maintain momentum after Michigan, but since Nevada is new to the early primary schedule, will it matter THAT much for the GOP nomination? Or is South Carolina really the biggest prize?

In any event, Mitt leads McCain by a wide margin, so it’s fairly likely that he’ll capture the contest.

First from Las Vegas Review-Journal:

Romney leads John McCain by 15 points, 34 percent to 19 percent. Giuliani, who led the last Review-Journal poll, is in sixth place.

On the Dem side, things are closer. Clinton is maintaining a small lead in the state, but Obama hasn’t gained any ground.

Clinton’s 9-point lead over Barack Obama, 41 percent to 32 percent, maintains the lead she’s held in most state polls despite Obama’s intense efforts to compete here and his recent union endorsements. John Edwards trails with 14 percent of the vote.

So what does Zogby have to say? Well, Hillary’s lead is a little smaller…

New York Sen. Hillary Clinton holds a five-point lead in Nevada over Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, 42% to 37%. John Edwards is a distant third at 12% support, while 5% of voters remain undecided, a new telephone survey shows.

What these polls don’t reflect is the recently dismissed suit by the state teachers’ union which sought to disenfranchise fellow Democrat voters. So we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see if that had any effect on the caucuses. Something tells me it won’t.

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