Hillary Projected To Win Nevada

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Another close one, and Hillary looks like she’s going to able to pull it out with a strong 51% to Obama’s 45%. Edwards pulls in an embarrassing 4%.

Here’s how the vote broke down across demographics:

According to CBS News entrance polls, the economy was the issue most on the minds of Democratic caucus-goers today, ahead of health care and the war in Iraq. Nearly half of Democratic caucus-goers said the economy was their most important issue, while one in four cited health care and 22 percent cited the Iraq war.

Twenty-nine percent of Democratic voters said they were members of a union household. Fourty-three percent of union voters said they favored Clinton, while 42 percent favored Barack Obama and 11 percent favored John Edwards.

Obama won the support of voters under age 45, while Clinton won among older voters. Voters under age 45 broke for Obama over Clinton 48 percent to 34 percent, while those over 45 chose Clinton over Obama 54 percent to 33 percent.

More than half of women said backed Clinton in today’s caucuses, while men were more divided in their support, with 43 percent supporting Clinton and 42 percent supporting Obama.

Hispanics made up 14 percent of Democratic caucus-goers in Nevada today, and they overwhelmingly supported Clinton. She got 64 percent support from Hispanics, while Obama got 24 percent and Edwards got 9 percent.

Some good news for Obama? The female turnout was especially high this time and the youth vote was low. Still, he stuck close to Hillary, and that means this win may not really give her much of a bump in South Carolina.

The demos from CNN:

Another thing we can’t ignore here is that Edwards just got destroyed and I’m betting that something similar will happen in South Carolina. It really is a two person race now, and expect to see the attacks between Hill and Barack heat up as they try to stake their claim the bigger piece of the Democratic base pie.

Now the big question: who will Edwards endorse? I honestly can’t imagine him going with Hillary given how much he has talked about change…but you never know…

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