Gallup: Dem Race Tightens; McCain Starts To Pull Away

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Democrats, Polls, Republicans

First the Dems:

As you can see, Hillary made a small gain, and Obama keeps rising. This definitely shows that Florida had absolutely no effect on Hillary’s numbers at all. In fact, her claiming victory in a state with no delegates may have slightly backfired.

Now the Repubs:

Big uptick for McCain after Florida. He’s got the mojo going into Super Tuesday and right now Romney better pray that Huckabee drops out. Otherwise Huck could embarrass Mitt and place 2nd in some Southern states with a higher evangelical base.

Hop on over to Gallup for all the details.

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6 Responses to “Gallup: Dem Race Tightens; McCain Starts To Pull Away”

  1. TerenceC Says:

    One can only hope Obama trending upwards continues. Now if we can just get Billary to start trending properly down all will be as it should be.

  2. Elisabetta Says:

    I wish Huckabee would drop out now. He has no chance to win the nomination, but he is messing it up for Romney and he knows it.
    The majority of conservatives, including this one, view McCain as a RINOs not a conservative.

  3. kabster Says:

    What is the difference? The “Electoral College has the last word on who wins the big prize in November. Guess who will get the reins ?
    Insane McKain. A little birdie told me.
    We are all F’d.

  4. kabster Says:

    What’s the difference ?
    The “electoral” college has the last word in November.
    Insane McKane gets their approval.
    We are all F’d.

  5. Agnostick Says:

    Nothing gives me a bigger laugh than “Righter-than-thou” catterwalling on a Friday morning! ROFLMAO!!!

    Thanks for the guffaws, Elisabetta… lemme know the next time the “RINO Court” is in session! :p

  6. Elisabetta Says:

    Don’t mention it Agnostick, I had the same reaction when I read your spiel in another thread.

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