Final Wyoming Caucus Numbers

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Hillary, Wyoming

Obama takes 61% and Clinton 38%.

And apparently over 9,000 people came out, which could be seen as pretty high since there are only about 59,000 Democrats registered in the state.

Overall, Obama took 7 delegates and Clinton took 5. AP projects that Obama now has a total of 1,578 to Clinton’s 1,468.

How can she make up the gap?

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6 Responses to “Final Wyoming Caucus Numbers”

  1. Andrew Says:

    I see her making up the gap this way…

    right before we see the convention (which will be brokered in my opinion), the superdelegates who have chosen Obama will swith over at the last minute. The only reason they’re with Obama is to shut the constituency up…c’mon, like they’ll vote for who they “believe in”?


    Obama will wisen up and become her Vice, guarantees the Democratic presidancy so he could become president in 4yrs.

  2. Boreras Says:

    Hillary needs to stop now. She’s being what is best described as a b*tch. She’s making an ass out of herself, while she ought to be a democrat. She lies constantly, and is smearing Obama. Hillary needs to stop now before she has no chance of winning in 2012, because at the moment she is showing her true character, apparently, of evil.

    And the only way she’ll win now will be the superdelegates, but the majority of obama supporters won’t support her for her extremely foul play. Besides, she’s down in the polls against McCain, while Obama is up.

    Why would the clearly winning and more widely supported candidate become Vice for someone who is far more likely to lose than he himself is? (because, again, according to polls he will win in a race against McCain, but she will lose. And outside the margin of error)

  3. Jimster Says:

    Hillary should start considering being the VP to Obama’s top billing.

    That means being a good (democratic) team player and stopping the smear and tear campaign that she has going on.

    She has another chance at the presidency in 8 years, just look at how strong McCain is doing.

  4. LiberalsVSConservativesDOTcom Says:

    I am in total agreement with the previous posts statements.

    Hillary should succeed. She is only hurting “the party” now. We need Obama because the media and elite already took out our boy Ron Paul.

    Better Obama than a lying, sniveling, pharmaceutical company loving, “I have more experience” than thou even though I really don’t, kind of person like Hillary Clinton.

  5. Dr. Saturn Says:

    She can’t.

  6. ExiledIndependent Says:

    The Clinton Thirst for Power (TM) won’t allow Hillary to accept the VP nomination. The problem here is that the solution lies with superdelegates, Michigan, and Florida. All three (or two) of those issues can only be rectified by “political” (versus popular democratic) processes. The Dems run a big risk of coming off as an insider political machine precisely at the time when their best-bet candidate is talking about the opposite.

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