Video: “Big Dog” Quadruped Robot Is Amazing

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Military, Robots, Technology, Video, WTF?

Seriously, just watch…

From the ice to that jump at the end, this is pretty incredible stuff.

I know one thing, I would want that thing running at me. Yikes!

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3 Responses to “Video: “Big Dog” Quadruped Robot Is Amazing”

  1. Dos Says:

    How to put this so that you nerds understand. That was the most kick ass things I’ve seen since 300. That should be our Iraq strategy, call it “The Big Dog Strategy.” I want 500 of those and please mount this gps, .50 cal and laser-guided rocket launcher. Can you imagine the horror we can inflict in countless Afgan tribal-villages? Now that is letting the dogs out. Thanks for showing me the very scary future of combat.

  2. peacenik Says:

    Dos you sicko! How can money be spent on this when millions are without clean water to drink, and we already have the tech to provide it to them?

  3. Michael LaRocca Says:

    Must… not… mention… Michael… Vick…

    Seriously, once I realized it wasn’t just two dudes face-to-face in a funny suit, I started tripping. That is impressive.

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