What’s A Texas County Delegate Convention Like?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Hillary, Texas

Ask Paul Silver

Our Travis County gathering of 8,000 was important enough to attract dozens of speeches by local candidates, elected representatives and included Terry McAuliffe of the Clinton Campaign. State leaders of the Clinton and Obama campaigns participated in our convention. The credentials committees that deal with disputes resolved scores of issues . My particular precinct had 60 delegates: 45 for Obama and 15 for Clinton and we were as warm and accommodating to each other as I can imagine. I saw no fights or loud arguments. It was in fact as cooperative and tame a gathering of passionate adults one can imagine in spite of the jury rigged processes set up to deal with a delegation crowd at least ten times larger than any in recent memory.

I find it strange that McAuliffe was there? Shouldn’t he be out raising money for his cash strapped candidate?

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One Response to “What’s A Texas County Delegate Convention Like?”

  1. John Paul Telhomme Says:

    Obama should have won Texas the first time around and in a decisive way were it not for NAFTA-gate. You doubt me? Check this out.
    People in Canada are concerned about NAFTA… NAFTAgate about to begin
    (their ears pecked up… if in deed we ever get that far …)
    movie>> http://www.cbc.ca/clips/mov/champ-primaries-080227.mov
    read this>> Clinton Obama threaten to withdraw from NAFTA

    CLINTON STARTED NAFTA-GATE (and someone or people turned it around)

    The Canadian TV (The National made the first) report of interference and leaks…

    Canadian TV panel debates NAFTA-gate:

    Prime Minister>> Reopening NAFTA would be a ‘mistake’

    McCain hails NAFTA

    PM denies top aide leaked Obama NAFTA memo (Clinton potrays Obama as a hypocrite)

    Hillary wins Ohio and Texas and Rhode Island

    Was there interference? We have assurances about NAFTA. NAFTA-gate begins.
    Canadian government begins investigation
    READ>> http://www.cbc.ca/canada/story/2008/03/05/canada-obama.html

    Prime Ministers Office: Clinton didn’t do a thing!

    CBC reports: The Anatomy of a leak (NAFTA-gate in detail)

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