Video: Obama Disowns Wright

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Just a followup on what I shared earlier.

(h/t: TPM)

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2 Responses to “Video: Obama Disowns Wright”

  1. M. Thomas Eisenstadt’s Blog » Blog Archive » Wright, Obama and the chickens coming home to roost Says:

    [...] black enough is now, in the eyes of many Americans, a bedfellow of Farrakhan, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright and the black liberation movement. Talk about chickens coming home to [...]

  2. Concerned Citizen Says:

    He chose to be Baptized by the man and to say nothing. He chose to be married by the man and to say nothing. He chose to have the man Baptize his Children and to say nothing. He chose to bring his Wife and his Children to hear the man preach and to say nothing. He chose to name a book after a sentence from one of the man’s sermons and to say nothing. He chose to pray privately with the man before he announced his run for the Presidency of the United States and to say nothing. And, he chose to make the man a part of his Presidential Campaign and to say nothing.

    Finally, when Conservative Commentators like Rush Limbaugh broke the story in the media, he STILL chose to say nothing.

    For more than 20 years, he chose to sit in the man’s Church Pews and to listen to the man spew Anti-American hatred; and, to say nothing.

    But, when the MAINSTREAM Media — first ABC News and soon thereafter Fox News, CNN and others — finally began reporting the man’s hate-filled words, one month before the next Presidential Primary, BARACK OBAMA finally stood up, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and, he lectured the American People on race relations.

    But, then, once again, Senator Obama chose to say NOTHING. That is, he chose to go back to saying nothing until he lost that Primary, the Pennsylvania Primary; and, until the man, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, made three public appearances with three public speeches / statements in the course of just four days with the final public appearance and speech being before the National Press Club in Washington DC; and, with such third public appearance and speech being broadcast by CNN just barely one week before Indiana and North Carolina were set to hold their Primaries. ONLY THEN, did Barack Obama break his resumed silence on the subject of Jeremiah Wright. And, ONLY THEN, did he (claim to) disavow and disown Jeremiah Wright and Wright’s statements.

    To my way of thinking, Senator Obama’s words and actions are a classic case of too little, too late. And, for at least once, Rev. Wright IS RIGHT about SOMETHING, i.e. in disavowing and disowning Jeremiah Wright and Wright’s statements at this very late juncture, Barack Obama is merely speaking as a POLITICIAN: Obama is saying what he’s now saying merely as a means to an end. And, in trying to have us believe that Rev. Wright is “not the person that I met 20 years ago” (does he think that Rev. Wright has suddenly come down with Alzheimer’s Disease), Barack Obama is merely trying to insure and lock down his bid for the Democratic Nomination for President; or, to borrow a phrase from his opponent, Senator Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama is TRYING to “close the deal”. And, to that end, Obama is apparently, willing to say and do anything, even, after all of these many years, to throw his longtime Mentor, Minister, and Friend, Jeremiah Wright, under the bus by trying to convince the American Public that ‘Uncle’ Jeremiah is just “not the person that I met 20 years ago”.

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