Bush Hurts McCain More Than Wright Hurts Obama?

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That’s what a recent Gallup poll suggests.

Some details…

The nature of the relationships is clearly different — Wright was Obama’s former pastor, while Bush and McCain were rivals for the 2000 presidential nomination but Bush has endorsed McCain in the 2008 election. But both present problems for the candidates — Wright for his incendiary sermons and controversial remarks that have raised questions about Obama’s beliefs and his personal judgment, and Bush for his low approval ratings that hurt the GOP in the 2006 elections and may well do so again in 2008.

And here’s an interesting factoid about Bill Clinton and how he’s become more caustic on the campaign trail…

The poll also asked how Bill Clinton might affect voters’ propensity to vote for Hillary Clinton. While the 33% who say it makes them less likely to cast a ballot for Hillary for president rivals the percentages found for the McCain-Bush and Obama-Wright associations, the 18% who say it makes them more likely to vote for Hillary means Bill also helps to attract support for his wife. Just under half say the Clintons’ association would not affect their vote.

More as it develops…

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3 Responses to “Bush Hurts McCain More Than Wright Hurts Obama?”

  1. krabbie Says:

    John will be kneecapped by his policy mindset, set by Bush. My pastor has never influenced my core political mindset. She will only influence me on the spiritual side of being a good Christian.
    100 years of war anywhere is not in my bible.
    Giving tax help to the rich is not in my bible.
    Barack is the closest to me that a politician has come to a thoughtful leader can be.

  2. Dos Says:

    Look at the poll again. 1% to 7% favorable association. So McCain/Bush is actually at a 31% negative and Obama/Wright is at 32% negatives when the positive associations are added in. Ha, ha, ha, ha…..Obama/Wright still suck more the McCain/Bush.

    Krabbie — The Bible speaks to charity — a virtuous action which is hindered by government income redistribution. Perhaps it is because conservatives tend to give much more to charity than liberals do that we are keenly aware of spiritual value of decentralized small government and the moral bankruptcy of socialism.

    As for war, there is a concept of “Just War” which was postulated by St. Thomas Aquinas in Summa Theologiae. But by all means krabbie, please sit back and enjoy the time, space and freedom defended by the US military to hate all necessary, morally and strategic, military actions. Maybe you can have a conversation with holocaust surviver about the subject.

  3. krabbie Says:

    Dos, speaking as a ordinary christian and a ordinary bible reader, I find no place that Christ said “pick up your swords and slay the……… fill in the blank. I am a Viet Vet survivor and I volunteered for service in 67. How about you, seen any action in defense of your country? obtw, I have had several conversations with Holocaust survivors over the years, and conversations with survivors of the Japanese camps during WW2, thank you very much, how about you? And don’t get me started on the plus or minus values of socialism versus conservative capitalism.
    Crunch your numbers, but do it while reading the bible will you?

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