Cindy McCain Sells Off Sudan-Linked Mutual Funds

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Cindy McCain, McCain

Considering the ongoing state-sanctioned murders and rapes in Darfur, divesting from companies that do business in Sudan is a proper move for nations and for individuals who care about human rights. I’m glad to see the McCains finally did just that, with Cindy McCain selling off all shares of two mutual funds which included companies with business interests in Sudan.

Considering John McCain has been calling for action in Darfur for years, it’s a bit surprising his wife hasn’t divested before now – unless the McCains simply didn’t know until recently that the two mutual funds included companies doing business in Sudan.

Whatever the rationale for why the McCains waited until now to sell, the act is a positive one and will hopefully inspire more Americans to make the same choice.

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9 Responses to “Cindy McCain Sells Off Sudan-Linked Mutual Funds”

  1. Justin Gardner Says:

    Still don’t think she should report her tax returns? Especially since it’s obvious that McCain hasn’t made any investments of note in his own name for the duration of their marriage?

    I’ve made my positions clear: McCain shouldn’t be able to invisibly benefit from suspect investments just because him and his wife choose to file separately.

  2. Dennis Sanders Says:


    I think McCain should report and I think he has done that, but do we need to know Cindy McCain’s tax returns? To what end? She’s not running for President.

    Also, you seem to be implying that Ms. McCain has some shady dealings because she sold off her investments. I would think she should be at the very least commended for divesting from Sudan instead of being viewed with suspicion

    Would you ask the same of Michelle Obama?

    Frankly, unless there is evidence that a spouse has had some shady dealings, their tax returns should be private.

    Forgive me for being harsh, but this sounds very partisan in my view and very unfair.


  3. Ickybits Says:

    Wait. Hillary boosters Ambassador Joseph Wilson and Larry Johnson are both officers in a company that was awarded Oil concessions in Sudan. If the media is concerned with investment funds with Sudan holding surly active business dealings under sanctions warrants a close look no?

  4. Alan Stewart Carl Says:


    Nope. I don’t think she should have to release her tax returns. I think it’s not a great political move for her to refuse but, as I said before, unless there is some evidence or strong suspicion of wrongdoing, we should respect her choice. Owning mutual funds that included companies doing business in Sudan is hardly “wrongdoing.” I bet, via mutual funds, lots of Americans own shares in such companies.

  5. Donklephant » Blog Archive » More Calls For Cindy McCain To Release Her Tax Returns Says:

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  6. MsSwin Says:

    Lemme get this straight.. Cindy doesn’t need to release her tax returns, John McCain doesn’t need to release all of his medical records, answer a straight question as to whether he called his wife horrible names, why he consistently votes against benefits for veterans or why his father in law immediately opened up a billion dollar beer industry as soon as John shut down all further inquiry into the MIA/POW left in Nam and why he escaped all charges of collaboration with the enemy when other POW who provided less were prosecuted? Got it. I suppose Cindy’s past record of being busted for drug abuse and theft is off limits as well.

  7. Rob Says:

    MsSwin you dropped your tinfoil hat.

  8. Donklephant » Blog Archive » More Focus Being Given To Cindy McCain’s Finances Says:

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  9. Mandino Says:

    It’s good to hear she is also serving as a role model in this. She should also invest in schools there in Sudan. I mean, building schools there in Sudan. I believe that education will really play a very good role in ending the war. I visited the Emma Academy Project which happens to be building a school there. I do hope that a lot of us will also invest-donate into these projects more.

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