Tim Russert Has Passed

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in History, Media, R.I.P.

He was 58.

The apparent cause of death was heart attack.

Some of his life and times…

Russert, of Buffalo, N.Y., took the helm of the Sunday news show in December 1991 and turned it into the most widely watched program of its type in the nation. His signature trait there was an unrelenting style of questioning, sparing none of the politicians, business giants and even sports figures who appeared on his show.

Washingtonian magazine once dubbed Russert the best journalist in town, and described “Meet the Press” as “the most interesting and important hour on television.

He also wrote best-selling books, “Big Russ and Me,” in 2004, and “Wisdom of our Fathers,” in 2006.

This year, Time magazine named him one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Russert also was a senior vice president at NBC.

Rest in peace.

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2 Responses to “Tim Russert Has Passed”

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    This was a shocker when I heard the news. I’ll miss him. He was only three years older than me, and it caused me to think carefully about my own lifestyle choices as I ate and drank my way through France. It did not cause me to modify my lifestyle cho…

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