Bush Faith Biographer To Publish Obama Book

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And not only does it promise to be fairly flattering portrayal, but the author is detailing why evangelicals (especially young ones) may swing for Obama this election.

From Politico:

The forthcoming volume from Stephen Mansfield, whose sympathetic “The Faith of George W. Bush” spent 15 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list in 2004, is titled “The Faith of Barack Obama.” Its tone ranges from gently critical to gushing, and the author defends Obama-and even his controversial former minister, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright-from conservative critics, and portrays him as a compelling figure for Christian voters.

“Young Evangelicals are saying, ‘Look, I’m pro-life but I’m looking at a guy who’s first of all black-and they love that; two, who’s a Christian; and three who believes faith should bear on public policy,” Mansfield, who described himself as a conservative Republican, said in a telephone interview. “They disagree with him on abortion, but they agree with him on poverty, on the war.”

In a recent post, I explored how Obama could get upwards of 40% of the evangelical vote, and with yesterday’s blistering father’s day speech using explicitly religious language (“We do what we can to build our house upon the sturdiest rock, and for me that means building that house on the foundation of Jesus Christ.”) he may give a lot of values voters a reason to take a second look.

Ironically enough, the book may also give Obama’s right-wing critics more firepower:

There are also passages in Mansfield’s book that may give Obama’s secular supporters pause. In particular, a theme from his book on Bush—the suggestion that the president’s rise was itself an act of God-reappears in his coverage of Obama. He approvingly quotes Obama’s old rival Rep. Bobby Rush saying that Obama’s Senate win was “divinely ordained.”

“Increasingly, words such as called, chosen, and anointed are being used of Obama,” he writes.

“The Faith of Barack Obama” is due to be in stores on August 5th.

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2 Responses to “Bush Faith Biographer To Publish Obama Book”

  1. battery Says:

    a good read.

  2. The Faith of Barack Obama Says:

    I’m really looking forward to reading this book! Mr. Mansfield seems to have captured the true Barack Obama, and his unbiased, fair analysis should be a superb read.

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