Steve Doocy Dishes A Doozy On Palin’s Experience

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Dumb Things Said By Smart People, McCain, Palin, Republicans, Russia, Video

Just watch…

That’s right. Sarah Palin has foreign relations experience because Alaska is near Russia.


I also love how the other guy on panel talks about how politics is all about exceeding expectations. And since expectations are extremely low for Palin, she’ll be able to impress people.

I’m sorry, but isn’t that exactly how we got into this mess with Bush?

(h/t: Doug’s house)

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4 Responses to “Steve Doocy Dishes A Doozy On Palin’s Experience”

  1. J. Harden Says:

    Very similar to Obama’s claim of foreign policy experience based on him sporadically living in foreign countries as a youth. Yes, quite brilliant! One comes from a dufus morning-show personality and one comes from a presidential candidate.

  2. rawdawgbuffalo Says:

    Don’t matter because sarah got a gun

  3. N from Alaska Says:

    HA!!! Has anyone measured the distance between Alaska’s state capital in Juneau and Russia? It is like saying someone knows about illegal immigrants crossing the border in Arizona because they live in New York City, that’s right – just like the commercial – NEW YORK CITY???!!! Just goes to show people’s ignorance about Alaska – and basic geography. Contrary to belief, Russia has not (yet) established international relations with the state of Alaska. It is going to be entertaining to see how many more ridiculous comments folks can come up with – yikes!

  4. Tyler Hayes Says:

    J., this is not similar at all! While I agree Obama’s foreign policy experience is lacking, you said it yourself: these statements come from two different people. If Palin had said that instead of that critic, we’d be in a different situation. Even so, Obama was saying that he’s been forced to live in different experiences in many different cultures and had learned a thing or two because of it. If Obama had said “Well I live next to Mexico so I understand foreign policy” you might have an argument, but he didn’t so you don’t.

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