McCain’s Transition Head Lobbied For Freddie Up To Takeover

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Lobbying, McCain

First Rick Davis and now William Timmons Sr., a guy who lobbied for the troubled mortgage giant for 8 years…right up until last month when the government took over.

From Bloomberg…

Newly available congressional records show Timmons’s firm received $260,000 this year before its lobbying activities were barred under terms of the government rescue of the failed mortgage giant. Timmons, 77, is listed as a lobbyist for Freddie Mac on the company’s midyear financial-disclosure form.

While Republicans say Timmons is making plans for the transition if McCain wins in November, the campaign wouldn’t confirm his role. Timmons didn’t return a phone call seeking comment.

To be fair to McCain, it’s not like he has had long ties with this guy, but he needs to drop this guy and his firm like a sack of hot rocks immediately or face even more scrutiny about his lobbying ties.

However…there’s one catch. Apparently Timmons is one of the most well known and well connected lobbyists in the world…

Timmons is a longtime power in the Washington lobbying industry whose clients include the American Petroleum Institute and Chrysler LLC. Visitors to the company’s Web site are told that “Timmons and Company pioneered the concept and the industry standard for Washington representation.”

He founded the company in 1975 after leaving the administration of President Gerald Ford, and has worked to elect every Republican presidential nominee since.

So basically, this guy has been a lobbyist for more time than McCain has been in office.

Now that’s a long time.

Again, it doesn’t look good for McCain’s maverick/reform message that this firm had such close ties with Freddie, and he’d do well to consider a different team.

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One Response to “McCain’s Transition Head Lobbied For Freddie Up To Takeover”

  1. Jimmy the Dhimmi Says:

    we’re about to be told it’s McCain’s campaign manager and his lobbyist pals, not the Democrats they lobbied who actually cast the votes, who are the real culprits in all this.
    -Allahpundit, 9/23/08

    Who did Rick Davis and William Timmons lobby in Congress? Did he lobby against the Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act of 2005, which John McCain cosponsored and all of the Democrats voted against? Does it even occur to the mainstream press that they should ask these questions?

    So I ask you Justin: who, in your opinion, holds more responsibility for this mess, the Republicans because McCain hired Freddie Mac lobbyists for his 2008 campaign, or the Democrats because they actually blocked the legislation that those lobbyists lobbied against in 2003 and 2005?

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