Joe Biden On Air Tonight. Sarah Palin Absent.

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Biden, Debates, Palin, Veep

My question: Why?

I mean, I know why, but isn’t the VP candidate’s #1 job to vigorously defend their candidate? McCain is at a serious disadvantage given the campaign’s hesitance to unleash the pitbull.

And to that point…McCain needs to let Palin be Palin and let the chips fall where they may. The more voters get used to her speech pattern, the more likely they are to vote for her.

However, the more they keep her hidden, the more her few missteps will reverberate throughout the media, blogosphere and beyond.

Moving on…

And to that point…

McCain is wishing he picked Romney right now…

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5 Responses to “Joe Biden On Air Tonight. Sarah Palin Absent.”

  1. MKGhandi Says:

    McCain has some kind of skin cancer that is fatal after 2-4 years. If he wins, we could have our first female president soon. She will be the smiling face of fascism. Clueless is what her handlers need. They need clueless and ruthless. Sarah’s got them both.


  2. mikehunt again Says:

    lets face it..sarah palladin destroyed herself on that cbs cutie katy crock show..this jewish eskomo..yes folks sarahs a jew..oh you didnt know..well wake up…and old joe just luves to eat lattcus..fried with chicken fat.. no sheeite..this killed more jews over the years than cyclon b..wanna bet your hardened arteries..when jack cafferty from cnn gets so pissed about this intervue..and almost chews the head off of wolf bilnzers..then something in the air..and it stinks more than whats rotting in denmark…or norway..what ever..gag bush with a spoon..oh and i have a cure for the money problems..sell the kidneys of these wall street republicans..and any other healthy organs… lucky bush can keep his liver..and his pea sized brain..cheney –no heart anyway..hes fat and bloated..hes worthless..just like this administration called bushco..and soon their empire falls and comes bailout..let them all die..wall street boo-ga boo…

  3. Dollface Says:

    Thanks for linking this video, and I think your point about Palin here is right. McCain should let Palin be Palin, it would at least lend their campaign more credibility. Instead, Palin’s few interviews have become viral videos that most people mock (or cringe at).

  4. topdog Says:

    McCain might as well resign, Palin has lied so many times no one will trust her, she’ll be totally useless as a VP & let’s not forget McCain is in the grip of the neo-cons, a group created by Communists who thought they could advance their pro-Zionist agenda as conservatives rather than Communists. They have been the vanguard influence that has led the Republican Party to the catastrophic Iraqi war & a rapidly sinking US economy.

  5. nobodysatsBOO Says:

    THIS is the best VP candadiate they could find ? I think NOT, they know something about the FIX already being in, this election will be stolen again just like the last 4, they do not care who is ELECTED AS LONG AS THE REPUGNANTS and old NIXON HACKS keep their stinling jobs

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