Obama, a Terrorist’s Best Friend – A Father’s Politics, a Son’s Education

By Tom Hanson | Related entries in News

It represented one of the most shameful of stories. Yet as is always the case with shameful stories, it soon made its way across America.

Apparently an 11-year-old boy in Colorado was suspended from school for failing to remove a t-shirt that school officials had deemed a disruption to the school’s learning environment. According to MyFOXColorado.com, on a day that students had been asked to show their patriotism by wearing red, white and blue, Dax Dalton wore a home-made shirt that read, “Obama is a terrorist’s best friend.”

It seems the fifth grader had worn the shirt at the urging of his father. It also seems that the shirt was created by dad as well.

Obama is a Terrorist’s Best Friend.

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One Response to “Obama, a Terrorist’s Best Friend – A Father’s Politics, a Son’s Education”

  1. Jimmy the Dhimmi Says:

    I feel bad for the kid. He may need therapy. Perhaps he should join this choir.

    “We’re gonna spread happiness
    We’re gonna spread freedom
    Obama’s gonna change it
    Obama’s gonna lead ‘em”

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