Missouri: Obama, McCain Tied In Two New Polls

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, McCain, Missouri, Polls

Okay, they’re not tied, but a 1 point lead for each might as well be tied.

Research 2000
Obama – 48%
McCain – 47%

McCain – 46%
Obama – 45%

And so here we are. Missouri didn’t seem in play in September, but the swing state of all swing states is solidly in the toss up column now.

Still, Obama doesn’t need Missouri. With Colorado and Virginia stronger bets come election night, he’s already at 286. The Show Me state would be electoral gravy.

On the other hand, McCain can’t lose Missouri. Because if he does, the path to 270 is impossible. But given that he’s going to spend most of his time in Pennsylvania in the last week hoping to somehow turn around Obama’s double digit lead there, Missouri could very well go blue due to lack of attention.

There aren’t any details for the M/D poll, but here’s some from Research 2000′s…

Although statistically insignificant, Obama’s lead is his first in Missouri against McCain in any Research 2000 polls this year. The previous poll, in late September, showed McCain with a one-point edge. [...]

Ali says Obama’s strength with voters on economic issues is undoubtedly helping his cause. More than half of those polled in Missouri (52 percent) said they trusted his judgment more on the economy, compared with 43 percent for McCain.

Obama also got significantly higher marks on health care and the environment. He edged out McCain on gas prices, energy and taxes.

McCain was deemed far more trustworthy in tackling terrorism, international affairs, the war in Iraq and Supreme Court appointments.

More as it develops…

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