Newsweek: Palin Fought Decisions Behind The Scenes

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Ayers, History, McCain, Palin, Video

Yes, she actually did go rogue, and even more so than previously thought.

The William Ayers thing is telling and suggests that she definitely has killer political instincts. Nothing wrong with that, but it definitely reinforces the image of Palin as the “mean girl.”

However, the news that she was unwilling to share the stage with anybody who didn’t share her social views is troubling and doesn’t bode well for her future political aspirations. I think it’s pretty clear that the Republican party will have to become more inclusive, and if she doesn’t realize that she’s doomed.

All in all, Palin was just a horrible VP pick. Yeah, McCain got a bump, but he completely undermined his campaign’s message and in the process called into question his credibility as a leader.

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2 Responses to “Newsweek: Palin Fought Decisions Behind The Scenes”

  1. Berlioz Says:

    As a wise man once said:

    “So it’s goodbye Sarah, we hardly knew ya (thank God!), and sorry grandpa. A new generation of people, players and ethics is set to take hold. They can be described in two words: Better times. ”


  2. Prose Before Hos Says:

    Those People Are JERKS!!…

    By the way, what exactly was Sarah Palin running for — Vice President of the United States of America or treasurer of a special-ed fifth grade class? Judging by her inability to respond to criticism other than call her detractors ‘jerks……

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