Mike Murphy Talks GOP Future

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Republicans, Video

One of the smartest guys on either side has advice for his conservative colleagues: chill out.

He also has some advice for Palin: build a record.

I particularly enjoyed how they called out Newt for essentially being two-faced with his fellow Republican regarding the rescue package. The guy’s name is becoming increasingly poisonous in GOP circles, and I’m completely fine with that. Sure, he has good ideas, but you can’t be dishonest so often and lay claim to the mantle of “change agent.” It just doesn’t work that way anymore.

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3 Responses to “Mike Murphy Talks GOP Future”

  1. blackoutyears Says:

    I like Murphy pretty well as GOP apologists go but he’s only slightly less prone to talking point-itis than his more egregious colleagues. He actually tried to dispute James Galbraith on Morning Joe today and lay the blame for the mortgage crisis on Barney Frank. Galbraith quickly and correctly responded that Countrywide and their ilk were the real problem. There’s no doubt that Frank was a player and that his machinations with Fannie and Freddie contributed signficantly to the situation, but the meme that this is all about gov’t-mandated lending to the underprivileged (read: black) has been proved flat wrong several times over (e.g. F&F account for no more than 20% of toxic mortgages, 60% of those with subprime mortgages would have qualified for prime rate, demonizing poor people is easier than demonizing the middle class). Murphy needs to to stick to campaign strategy. Arguing economics with a heavy hitter like that just makes him look silly.

  2. Joshua Says:

    He also has some advice for Palin: build a record.

    Yup. As much as I like Palin, she needs to be known for accomplishments with nationwide, if not global visibility if she wants to make a serious run at the White House. Palin may be able to bridge the gap between the libertarian and social-conservative halves of the GOP base, if only by dint of personally having one foot in both worlds, but she needs to bring more to the table – a lot more – to win over moderate voters. Any GOP nominee in 2012 will need all three groups on board to have any shot at taking back the White House. This isn’t a Meat Loaf song; two out of three just ain’t good enough.

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