Hopes, Fears and Obama

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Barack, Discuss

Right now, we’re in that strange political space between the moment we know who our new president is and the point in which we discover what kind of president he will be. This is the point when our hopes and fears are most acute, before they’ve been tempered by reality. To that end, there is a new website dedicated to chronicling the hopes and fears surrounding Barack Obama.

As a guy who has plenty of both emotions concerning our president-elect, I found the site interesting. Users can submit hopes and fears and vote on which they share. So while there is currently only one person hoping he won’t support Israel as much as many Americans would like, there are seven hoping he’s a socialist (there are 45 fearing the same thing).

It’s all a simple, unscientific look. But it amused me and I thought it’d be a good lead-in for you guys to share your own hopes and fears. I’ll go first.

My hope is that he will show respect to both sides of the political aisle and govern with the best ideas regardless of where they originate in the political spectrum.

My fear is that he will sign off on a universal healthcare plan that overextends the system, decreasing care for everyone except the wealthy who will be able to afford the good doctors and good private hospitals which will go to a private pay system to escape the government mess. (Yeah, I have very specific fears, what can I say?)

Your turn.

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One Response to “Hopes, Fears and Obama”

  1. gerryf Says:

    A good friend of mine once said, neither our greatest hopes or deepest fears are ever truly realized…

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