Hillary Will Accept Secretary Of State Nomination

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It’s supposedly a done deal, so now the press can stop chattering about the Clintons being duplicitous and just accept the fact that Obama is genuinely forming a team of rivals.

From NY Times:

Mrs. Clinton came to her decision after additional discussion with President-elect Barack Obama about the nature of her role and his plans for foreign policy, said one of the confidants, who insisted on anonymity to discuss the situation. Mr. Obama’s office told reporters Thursday that the nomination is “on track” but Clinton associates only confirmed Friday afternoon that she has decided.

“She’s ready,” said the confidant. Mrs. Clinton was reassured after talking again with Mr. Obama because their first meeting in Chicago last week “was so general,” the confidant said. The purpose of the follow-up talk, he added, was not to extract particular concessions but “just getting comfortable” with the idea of working together.

A second Clinton associate confirmed that her camp believes they have a done deal. Senior Obama advisers said Friday morning that the offer had not been formally accepted and no announcement will be made until after Thanksgiving. But they said they were convinced that the nascent alliance was now ready to be sealed.

So the question is now…is Obama inviting drama into his White House? Because that’s what people claim the Clintons are almost genetically incapable of avoiding.

Well, we need to consider that when Hillary was a New York Senator, there was little to no drama coming out of her camp. Only when the presidential campaign spun up and Bill started running his mouth off did the drama start to reach a fever pitch. So it could be Bill who is actually the problem, and this shuts him down cold. Hillary is now the boss and Bill will be the sidekick. And I’m sure this is where she wanted him anyway.

Still, folks like Bob Woodward are baffled by this move

Being president is about control, and tell me who ever controlled Bill or Hillary Clinton. They can’t control each other. … I think it’s because Warren Buffett and Paul Volcker and others have convinced Obama, ‘You’re going to have to focus like a laser on the economy. That’s issue Number One. And give Hillary and Bill the world.’ … I think people are fantasizing or smoking something if they think Joe Biden’s going to call Hillary Clinton up and say, ‘This is what we want you to do.’

OR…this will be a partnership between the three of them (Obama, Hillary & Joe) and they’ll work as a team.

Which scenario do you think is more plausible? Rogue Hillary or cooperative teamwork lead by Obama’s worldview?

Yes, that was rhetorical.

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7 Responses to “Hillary Will Accept Secretary Of State Nomination”

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  4. mw Says:

    ” Rogue Hillary or cooperative teamwork lead by Obama’s worldview? – jg

    Ummm – Exactly what do you think “team of rivals” means?

    Cooperative teamwork lead by Obama’s worldview” would be identically equal to a “team of sycophants”.

  5. mw Says:

    Justin – Nevermind. Missed the “rhetorical” caveat.

  6. Justin Gardner Says:

    @mw – No, you had it right. I think they’ll cooperate as a team because while a team of rivals disagrees privately, they’ll agree publicly…especially in this day and age.

    But I disagree that means one is a sycophant. That’s just standard operating procedure in any high level position.

    By the way, the CAPTCHA says $16,171. Is that how much Hillary will end up making in her position after she pays off all of her campaign debt? :-)

  7. Spirited Dona Says:

    Spirited Dona asys– I voted Hillary / primary!
    Palin / election!
    Could I really say respectfully what I wanted here?
    iI have been slam dunked by O supporters, Hil, supporters, not much with the Palin folk, as we seem to have her agenda, first. I am not opposed to Rudy, but the the O was too 911 challenged!

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