Saxby Chambliss Wins Georgia Senate Runoff

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Georgia

The Democrat’s dream of a supermajority is dead, at least until 2010.

Also, Saxby Chambliss has the world’s biggest left hand.

From CNN:

Chambliss, a freshman Republican senator, was projected to win more than 50 percent of the vote in Tuesday’s rematch against Democrat Jim Martin.

The election is playing off the results of November 4, when Chambliss failed to win a majority of the vote in November’s three-person race.

This doesn’t surprise me much. Obama had other things to focus on and African American turnout was way down. Plus, had Obama campaigned here and Chambliss won, well, that wouldn’t have looked too good for Obama.

And all the folks you’d expect to see run against Obama in 2012 came out to stump for Chambliss…

Sarah Palin, the Alaska governor and former Republican vice presidential nominee, teamed up with Chambliss at four campaign events across Georgia on Monday.

“You Georgians are going to have the opportunity to determine the direction this country is going to take,” Palin said during a campaign rally in Perry, in south Georgia. [...]

Other former presidential hopefuls — including former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani — also have hit the trail for Chambliss in the past month.

Now there’s only Minnesota to decide, and it looks like Franken will be defeated barring some miracle.

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2 Responses to “Saxby Chambliss Wins Georgia Senate Runoff”

  1. Avinash_Tyagi Says:

    Exactly the reason Obama was smart to go centrist, kill the GOP by coming across as reasonable and inclusive, the GOP is probably seething silently, they probably wanted something to skewer Obama with, to see him go far left so they could rail against him, instead he comes to them as all bipartisan and ready to work with them, lol. Even without the supermajority, he’s bound to find some centrist/moderate GOP members who will be willing to work with him.

    We all know Obama is a good Poker player, I wonder if he’s good at Chess. He’s certainly a few moves ahead of the GOP

  2. Mbuckingham Says:

    Congratz to the senate!

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