Celebrate History, By Purchasing Worthless Stuff!

By Doug Mataconis | Related entries in Barack

The makers of crappy commemoratives know a good opportunity when they see one, and the impending inauguration of Barack Obama is apparently one of those opportunities.

First, we’ve got the Obama Commemorative Coin:

Yes, that’s right, for just $ 9.95 you too can be the proud owner of a fake coin with a badly painted picture of America’s soon-to-be 44th President. If you’re lucky, you might be able to melt the coins down and get your money back, but don’t count on it:

“Over the years, many coins of this ‘Commemorative’ type have been sold by private companies,” Michael Cline, who runs the online collectibles reseller the Coin-Shop, says in an e-mail.

“As a keepsake, they ‘may’ have value to the buyer. But as a collectible, they are now, and will forever be worth the face value of the coin.”

So, maybe some will enjoy hanging it above the mantle. But for those who hoped it would pay off in the long run, you really just spent $15 for a buck.

But if a badly painted commemorative coin isn’t your cup of tea, maybe you’d be interested in some fine dinnerware:

And if a crappy coin and a useless plate aren’t good enough for you, there’s also the “President Barack Obama Commemorative Figurine“, the “Limited Edition Four-Year Calendar” (obviously the people selling this aren’t banking on a two-term Presidency), the Exclusive Barack Obama Commemorative Pendant Necklace”, and the “Obama Commemorative Poster“.

Can the Hillary Clinton Beautiful Loser Collection be far behind ?

And don’t you think that Joe Biden deserves some recognition too ?

H/T: Top Of The Ticket

Originally posted at Below The Beltway

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8 Responses to “Celebrate History, By Purchasing Worthless Stuff!”

  1. Brian Krenz Says:

    lol. Good post. I hate these commercials.

    Those 9/11 plates that had recently were really classless.

  2. Jimmy the Dhimmi Says:

    Hey, we all get to celebrate history, because the American taxpayer is about to buy 700 billion dollars of worthless securitized debt, shares in failed banks, and auto-industry assets which are guaranteed to lose money!

    These commemorative plates might actually be worth more than the U.S. dollar real soon! Where do I sign up.

  3. mw Says:

    Just great. What am I supposed to do with your Christmas present now?

  4. Dyre42 Says:

    What? No commemorative stein? Bummer.

  5. opit Says:

    Chinese working at plants manufacturing for the American market were astounded by the shoddy specs that were manufacturing to. You have to figure a souvenir market must be at the bottom of an already buried standard.

    BTW I didn’t see any comment button at Dyre Portents : and wasn’t going to spend all day looking. Disabling NoScript as I do here is nonsense enough. Since he ( ? ) posts here you might send a note feedback is not really encouraged.

  6. Dyre42 Says:

    Opit: I use Haloscan for comments and have never had a problem with the comments link not appearing in any browser (IE, Opera, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome)

  7. mw Says:

    Don’t you think we should all chip in and buy Justin a commemorative plate for his birthday?

  8. dora_doo Says:

    The Obama coins that are being advertised and sold are NOT American money, made by and authorized by the U.S. government. Rather these coins are nothing more than “souvenir” items.

    More importantly: It highly likely that Obama is being paid (compensated) for the use of his likeness on these coins, plates, photos, etc. Why? Federal copyright and state “right to privacy” laws.

    Obama is a famous person –no different from any movie or rock star — who has a legal right to control the use of his image. The only exception is “fair use” as allowed under the U.S. copyright laws. Pix and coins of Obama are NOT exempt under “fair use.”

    Whoever took the pix of Obama had to get clearance and rights from Obama in order to use his image this way. And please, do not think that a photographer has an automatic and legal right to do what s/he wants with the pix s/he takes. Even wedding photographers need to get permission from the person in order to own the copyright of the pix. Why? When you pay a photographer to take your pix, it is called “a work for hire” which means s/he does NOT own the copyright to the pix. That’s why almost all wedding photographers get customers to sign the copyrights away to them.

    Even if the photographer owns the copyright, s/he still does not have any legal right to violate the rights of privacy of any private citizen. In the case of Obama, he either owns the copyright to the photos being used to make the coins, plates, etc., his right to privacy, and his right to control his image.

    So Obama must be receiving compensation either directly or indirectly for the use of his image in this way.

    Who thinks it’s OK for Obama to give permission to use his image this way?

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