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Xbox Project Scorpio – Should You Upgrade Or Not?


Microsoft’s Xbox One console has not brought as many revenues as the company has hoped. However, this is the reason why Microsoft will need to work pretty hard on its upcoming Xbox Project Scorpio.

We can clearly say that Sony is ahead of Microsoft in terms of consoles sales in the past years, but this can change soon, if Microsoft manages to bring a way better console at the end of this year. Phil Spencer, the Xbox head, has mentioned before that the Project Scorpio console will have some awesome specifications for its price, comparing this upcoming console to a customized PC costing $2000.

Spencer has also mentioned that even if Project Scorpio will have a premium pricing, it will not be overpriced. In other words, instead of purchasing a high-end computer with an i7 processor and an awesome graphics card, gamers will probably prefer to go with the Xbox Project Scorpio, making sure that the games will run without any issues and that they will pay a bit less than what they would pay for that high-end computer.

The Xbox Project Scorpio is expected to come with eight custom 64-bit cores which will be clocked at 2.3GHz, 40 Radeon graphics cores clocked at 1,172MHz and 12GB of RAM. In other words, this configuration will most likely allow gamers to play in 4K resolution. However, while these specifications are pretty awesome, we are now worrying about the price of the console.

In concordance with Valuewalk, the console will most likely be priced at around $499. If the Xbox Project Scorpio will cost only $499, then there are very high chances that this console will be sold very well.

Unfortunately, Microsoft will probably not reveal the price of this console too soon, as it is expected to be released sometime close to Christmas. However, one thing is for sure: if Microsoft will put a high price on the Xbox Project Scorpio, then it will fail once again, as Sony will surely find a way to release a cheaper console with better specifications sometime in 2018.

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