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Chip Saltsman Helped By “Magic Negro” Controversy?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Bad Decisions, Barack, Race, Republicans

Here’s the deal…if Chip Saltsman can honestly spin this whole flap by saying that those who called him out for his racially insensitivity are simply pandering to the national press, well, the GOP has truly become the party of clueless white people. Politico explores the acute tone deafness: Four days after news broke that the […]

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Nate Silver On Republican Economic Mindset

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Economy, Republicans

If you were a Republican Congressman right now…what would you be thinking? That’s what Silver attempts to deconstruct in a recent post. And while Nate explains the political thought process in detail, I think one thing’s for certain…Obama better be ready for a fight. From FiveThirtyEight: But let’s say that the economy still sucks in […]

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Bush Legacy Redux

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How was he as a President? Hardball discusses… What do you think? How will he be remembered? Discuss. Tweet

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Charlie Crist Jockeying For 2012?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in crist, Race, Republicans

Along with Michael Steele, Charlie Crist seems to be attempting to move the Republican party into the 21st Century. Here’s a statement he recently put out about the Chip Saltsman/”Barack The Magic Negro” stupidity… As the GOP Chairman in one of our nation’s most ethnically and culturally diverse states, I am especially disappointed by the […]

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Dame Caroline finally speaks for herself (well…y’know…kinda…y’know)

By John Burke | Related entries in Kennedy, New York, Senate

(Hat tip: Dame Caroline of Camelot finally sat down with several major media outlets over the past few days, presumably to counter growing criticism of her running away from questions and saying little or nothing about the issues that will come before the Senate she wants to join. At her sit-down with The New […]

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Meet The Press For 12/28/08

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David Alexrod talks about Obama’s economic agenda and Israel’s Tzipi Livini talks about her country’s recent operation in Gaza. By the way, I think Israel’s move was foolish and will only divide the country further. I’m not sure why people continue to think more violence will end violence, but something is going to have to […]

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Charles Krauthammer Proposes An Energy Tax?

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Well, yes and no, but it’s refreshing to see that Krauthammer wants to employ some price controls for gasoline. And that’s the bigger story in all of this…that a hard core fiscal conservative sees the need for a more reliable price for gas so the new generation of hybrids will be desirable in the market […]

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The Obama Economic Plan Takes Shape

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Economy, Money

As reported earlier, it’ll be a mix of tax cuts and other short term stimulus, but a fair amount will be focused on long term goals as well. MSNBC takes a look… And here’s an editorial published over the weekend by Lawrence Summers where he makes sure everybody knows that a centrist economic agenda is […]

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Auld Anxiety

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New Study: Virginity Pledges Don’t Work

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Science, Sexuality

A new study published in Pediatrics has found that those who take virginity pledges are just as likely to have sex as their non-pledging peers and are more likely not to use birth control. Instead of comparing pledge-takers with the general teenage population, this new study used a refined methodology that controlled for the likelihood […]

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