500+ Palestinians Dead In Gaza

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The fighting is growing more intense as Israel has started their ground offensive. And if Israel doesn’t realize that they’ve overreached here and are losing sympathy around the world, then they better wake up and realize it soon. You can’t kill this many women and children and not get a ton of backlash.

From CNN:

“Every couple of minutes we hear an explosion,” Safa Joudeh, a Gaza City resident, told CNN early Monday. “We can see tanks coming closer and closer into Gaza.”

She said most residents are confined to their homes, without electricity and running out of food and water.

Palestinian medical sources say Israeli forces have killed 37 Palestinians — both civilians and militants — since moving into the territory Saturday night.

With those deaths, at least 507 Palestinians, including about 100 women and children, have been killed since Israeli airstrikes began December 27, and 2,600 Palestinians have been injured, most of them civilians, sources said.

The question now: what will Obama say? He’s being put between a rock and a hard place because of the whole “there aren’t two presidents” thing, but would it be better for him to say something sooner rather than later?

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6 Responses to “500+ Palestinians Dead In Gaza”

  1. Jim S Says:

    It’s interesting how many people just refuse to acknowledge that Hamas knowingly provoked Israel into attacking and now present themselves as innocent victims. They knew that these people would die. They just considered it acceptable.

  2. J. Harden Says:

    Pretty soon, Justin, you’ll be justifying the next bombing of a coffee shop or restaurant in Tel Aviv as a “backlash.” At which point, perhaps unwittingly, you will have officially become an enemy of western civilization. Jim S. is absolutely correct, Hamas is morally & in fact, legally, responsible for the loss of innocents within Gaza.

  3. Jimmy the Dhimmi Says:

    And if Israel doesn’t realize that they’ve overreached here and are losing sympathy around the world, then they better wake up and realize it soon.

    I suggest that you better wake up and realize that Israel has never had any sympathy from anyone around the world. Who are you kidding? No amount of political concessions, no amount of humanitarian aid, no amount of responsible engagement of barbaric enemies, has ever or will ever give Israel any sympathy. Period.

    To Hamas and their sympathisers throughot the Muslim world, the Jews are the “vilest of all creatures” according to the Koran. To liberal westerners, they are rich white people oppressing exotic poor people. Show me this sympathy you speak of. All I see are millions of people around the world blaming Israel for all of the world’s problems.

    Its about time the Israelis stopped listening to people like you, who only now claim to have had sympathy for them but never actually did in the first place.

  4. The Universe Says:

    Today, Israel was shooting at the paramedic vehicles that were trying to carry the injured to a hospital. Classy Israel. Really classy.

    Madoff ripping off the elderly. Some Holocaust survivor trying to get rich off it with a lie.

    Jews are in need of a new PR machine.

  5. The Universe Says:

    Oh, that’s right. The have the United States Media in their back pocket.
    I forgot.
    Like we can’t see through that.

  6. TerenceC Says:

    Obama won’t say anything. What’s to say? Why say it? The last time Obama said something it was used by the politicians in Israel as a bludgeon to argue their case in the Knesset – as the Obama transition was starting. So blame Hamas for starting it and then blame Israel for killing women and children. In reality, what we’re actually seeing is blood politics played by two masters of the blood politics game. Hamas courts public opinion on the world stage, Israel courts public opinion inside Israel. It will be temporarily over before 20 January – and then there are new rules since there is a new administration. It always happens one to two months either side of the start of a political distraction/transition in the US. Research it if you don’t believe me – it’s as regular as Bush’s stuttering.

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