MLK Predicted Black President In 40 Years

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, History, Race, Video

Check out the clip at the BBC.

However, I will offer one question to this: do you view Obama as an “African-American” president?

Yes, I know he is and it’s a historic day, but (to me at least) he just seems like the President. And maybe that’s the most enduring legacy of MLK’s work…that race really isn’t an issue anymore.

Sure, there are still pockets of ignorance here and there, but for the most part that crowd is dying out in favor of a generation that actually does look at the content of somebody’s character instead of the color of their skin.


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6 Responses to “MLK Predicted Black President In 40 Years”

  1. Rich Says:

    I agree with you, Justin. Although we all are inundated with the tolerant, colorblind liberal media reminding us that his skin is darker than mine, I don’t think of him as anything but the president-elect.

    I differ with your opinion, though, because of the fact that “African Americans” voted for him at an alarmingly higher percentage than any other group. The reports that I’ve seen put as much as 85% of the “black vote” in Obama’s column. Racism is alive and well in this country.

    Personally, I did not vote for McCain because “he was white”, nor did I vote against Obama “because he was black”.

    I doubt that very many African American voters can make a similar claim. At least, not those who are honest with themselves.

  2. Justin Gardner Says:

    Oh good…another retread of the “blacks are racist” argument.

    Blacks voting overwhelmingly for Obama did not mean that they thought he would be an inherently superior president because of his race. But did they think that Obama would have their best interests in mind? Sure.

    And, by the way…Gore garnered more than 90% of the black vote in 2000 and Kerry captured about 88% in 2004. In other words, blacks vote for Democrats because Republicans ignore this voting block and offer virtually nothing to them except pep talks about hard work and responsibility.

    So Rich, you have a choice. Keep trying to divide the country into “us and them” or leave all of that behind. I urge you to choose the latter.

  3. J. Harden Says:

    blacks vote for Democrats because Republicans ignore this voting block and offer virtually nothing to them except pep talks about hard work and responsibility.

    Man, you’ve GOT to LOVE That comment if your black!! This is the “government-cheese” theory of black electorate analysis — a product of very white liberals. But then the chutpah really flows:

    Keep trying to divide the country into “us and them” or leave all of that behind. I urge you to choose the latter.

    You just got done dividing the needs of people based off NOTHING more than their race. I urge you stop that and to stop being a racist. This is the 21st Century, Justin, a black man is president…we are bit beyond your your partisan “welfare-race” play…join a color-blind society and quit playing in the tired politics of yesterdays race politics.


  4. Justin Gardner Says:

    First off, are you saying that the modern Republican party platform offers black voters much more than fewer taxes and well wishes? Because if so, I’d love to hear about it. Oh wait…there was No Child Left Behind. And I hear that making kids study for tests to make sure schools don’t lose accreditation is working splendidly, especially since it was a mandate that was underfunded by $4 billion.

    Second, I’m not dividing anybody by race. I pointed out that blacks overwhelmingly vote for Dems because they vote for the party that has their best interests in mind. You know, like the rich and evangelicals vote overwhelmingly for Republicans. This is simply the realities of politics.

    What’s more, are you really saying that you agree with the commenter above? Because all I’m doing here is trying to say that blacks vote Dem and have done so for a while. So to suggest that they’re racist because they simply followed normal voting patterns is ignorant at best.

    Josh, seriously, it’s time to stop this. I’m beyond tired of your unfunny, trolling schtick. I thought you were a reasonable guy the couple times I met you, but you’ve been nothing but a constant source of rancor and divisiveness. Well, it’s over. If you call me or anybody else on this blog a racist or anything resembling it again, you’re banned. You have absolutely NO more lee-way. Grow up or get out.

  5. Quote corrector Says:

    Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. predicted that America would elect its first black president by 1989, according BBC footage unearthed on Monday.

    “We may be able to get a Negro president in less than 40 years,” he said back in 1964. “I would think in 25 years or less.”

  6. Alistair Says:

    To Justin

    Thank you Justin for explaining to conservatives and Republicans that the majority of blacks have always voted for a Democrat since Harry Truman in 1948. Even though the Party hand is not cleaned, they have made efforts in reaching out to African-American when it comes to civil rights and because of it they Democrats lost the south due to the race baiting tactics of The Republican Party. Even Dr.King acknowledge that the Republican Party was going be hostel to many civil right advancement made by African-Americans & people of color.

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