House Approves $97 Billion in War Funding

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Iraq, War


While some have worried that the Democratic controlled Congress might strip our war efforts of funding, that wasn’t the case in the House where members passed $97 billion in war funding by a vote of 368-60 — $12 billion more than President Obama requested.

The senate is in the process of passing a similar bill, making it almost a sure thing that Obama will get all the money he needs to fight our wars the way he wants. I wonder if a President McCain would have gotten the money as easily?

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3 Responses to “House Approves $97 Billion in War Funding”

  1. ExiledIndependent Says:

    What, no outrage? No righteous indignation? C’mon lefties, at least make it *look* good.

  2. theWord Says:

    Just so we know what we should be outraged about. Is it that the funding is above board, on the books and not hidden? Is it that the veterans again are also being more heavily funded by the Democrats? Is it that there are still wars being funded? Is it that we should or should not be in Afganistan? If we know what you want us to be outraged perhaps we can oblige.

    I am outraged that America’s new motto could be “Holding ourselves to the highest principles when it is convenient, the timing is right, when it wouldn’t make us look bad and the Republicans don’t object.”

  3. Chris Says:

    This is pretty much exactly what I expected. Congress is never going to short-change the military, and obama made it clear where he stood when he was running for president – and he’s certainly not a pacifist.

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