Sheriff Biden vs Naysayin’ Cantor

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“To those who say that our economic decisions ‘have not produced jobs, have not produced and simply have not worked’ I say, take a look around. I say, ‘Don’t let your opposition to the Recovery Act blind you to its results. Come see what I see everywhere I go: workers rehired, factories reopened, cops on the street, teachers in the classroom, progress toward getting our economy back on the move.’”
(Biden, 7/16/09 – Virginia speech)

Looks like the “Attack-Dog Biden” we so loved on the ’08 campaign trail is back… but with a few obedience lessons. Perhaps his advisors told him to “turn that frown upsidedown” and play nice in the sandbox with Republicans, but also to remind Americans that the stimulus dollars are flowing from the spigot for the good of all humanity.

Biden breezed through House Republican Whip Eric Cantor’s home state of Virginia today with these bold words for the outspoken critic. Cantor has been quoted as saying, “For the stimulus alone, Washington has borrowed $10,000 from every American household. Let me ask you: Do you feel $10,000 richer today?” He’s also called their “cap and trade policies” a “job-killer,” accused that the administration “miswrote the stimulus bill and got the prescription wrong,” and referred to the stimulus as “a flop.” Did he really think Papa Biden would let these comments go unnoticed?

I hoped that Biden would roll through and slam Cantor in his old way… maybe say he is “full of malarkey,” or say that he has “no notion of what’s going on,” or make accusations that he’s “unqualified” to speak on issue of the economy. Remember the good old days when he attacked Rudy Giuliani during the primaries, saying: “There’s only three things he mentions in a sentence — a noun, a verb and 9/11″…? And remember when he touched upon the latest McCain controversy, joking that “He’ll have to figure out which of the seven kitchen tables he’ll sit down at” (to worry about how to pay the bills, like many other middle class families). He always seemed to know which issues could really suck the life out of a Republican campaign. Yet now, it seems his wit has been stifled. He’s instructed to adhere to some clear talking points… and he’s not allowed to be nasty.

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One Response to “Sheriff Biden vs Naysayin’ Cantor”

  1. Tully Says:

    Where the hell is Xerox Joe going that he sees these things? OK, the government workers such as cops and teachers, maybe, but what reopened factories? Government Motors?

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