VP Biden Visits Ukraine and Georgia

By Jennn Fusion | Related entries in Biden, Georgia, Veep

Some people say “a vice president is just a vice president,” that a visit from a #2 isn’t all that big a deal. However, it seems that Vice President Biden’s current trip has important meanings for all involved. While it may not be as big a deal as a visit from Obama himself, sending the #2 is a great way for Obama to highlight areas of the world that mean the most to the current administration.

One might ask, “Why not send Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on these missions? Isn’t that her job?” Yet, Obama has said that he prefers a “divide and conquer” approach to foreign policy, which is reinforced by his sending of Biden, his closest foreign policy advisor. As promised on the campaign trail, Joe Biden is proving that he’s involved in all the major operations within the White House and he’s getting the ability to wear that Secretary of State hat a little bit, while sitting tall in the second-highest position in the land.

Today, the vice president is traveling to Ukraine to reassure Russia’s embattled neighbors that the new administration will not abandon them as they improve ties with the Kremlin… Continue Reading…

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