Quote Of The Day – Co-Ops Are Coming

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Health Care, Video

“There’s been no final resolution, but I think there’s a good chance the cooperative plan will be adopted, at least at the committee level. The notion of a cooperative plan is that it’s membership-controlled, membership-run — not government-run, government-controlled.”
- Kent Conrad on CNBC talking about the only workable national health care solution

Back when co-ops were first proposed, I wrote about it quite a bit because it seemed like a workable compromise that would be acceptable to everybody.

And the White House seems to be signaling that they’ll get behind it too…

Speaking of public option vs. co-op, the Finance Committee plan is either going to be the most brilliant piece of triangulation ever, or it’s going to open up a fight on the left that is U-G-L-Y. Clearly, the White House is VERY open to a co-op. It is trying hard NOT to bash the public option or show preference to a co-op. But Team Obama definitely has an open mind.

In any event, here’s Kent Conrad talking about it on CNBC…

What do you think? Will we have co-ops?

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3 Responses to “Quote Of The Day – Co-Ops Are Coming”

  1. Paul Says:

    It all comes down to money and how to control it. Whether it’s Obama or the Republicans it is the almighty dollar first and foremost.

  2. Jim S Says:

    As long as the co-ops can be co-opted to maximize corporate profit we’ll get them.

  3. Alistair Says:

    If we get them and it’s part of President Obama’s health Care bill reform he could face a backlash from Liberals progressives if he doesn’t go with the Public Option.

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