North Korea To Reopen Border With South Korea

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in North Korea, South Korea

At first glance, this would appear to be a huge step towards peace with the troubled nation. But it’s simply a reopening of the border so the North can make some money from the South.

Still, a positive step and one worth noting.

From Reuters:

North Korea said on Monday it had agreed to reopen the border to South Korea its neighbor and allow tourism and family reunions to start again.

The agreement to ease restrictions on the border follows a meeting between the reclusive state’s leader Kim Jong-il and the head of the South Korean Hyundai Group who had gone to Pyongyang to seek the release of a detained worker. The visit followed hot on the heels of one earlier in the month by former U.S. President Bill Clinton, who also met Kim, to win the release of two jailed American journalists. [...]

North Korea has portrayed both visits as paying tribute to leader Kim, 67, whose health is the subject of speculation. He is believed to be trying to ensure his youngest son becomes the third generation in the family to head the destitute communist dynasty, its coffers drained by heavy military spending, poor economic management and years of U.N. sanctions.

One would hope, between Clinton’s visit and this one, that the North would start to realize that how much good will can come their way if they stop rattling their sabres and open their borders for good. But something tells me that even if they do, the citizenry is so brainwashed that it’ll take a few generations for things to return to any sense of normalcy.

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One Response to “North Korea To Reopen Border With South Korea”

  1. wj Says:

    Perhaps the best explanation for reopening the border is simply that the North makes big (compared to their GDP) money from the visits and family reunions, and can no longer afford to go without it. After all, if the luxuries for the elite start to disappear, the whole government could come down. And once you have the bulk of the population eating grass to try and stay alive, there isn’t any more to be squeezed from them.

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