Free the Yuan

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  1. Jimmy the Dhimmi Says:

    Its amazing how much Obama talks about how Americans need to save and produce more, while borrowing and spending less; and yet every thing the man has done results in the complete opposite. Interest rates are still at zero, Cash-for-clunkers, New home buyers tax credits, the Stimulus package, bailouts, TARP II is even in the works, every economic policy Obama has enacted was designed to unfeeze the credit markets so Americans could borrow and spend more. And whatever americans haven’t borrowed and spent, the government itself has done more than its share.

    As a result, our savings rate is back down approaching pre-recession levels, our trade deficts and current-account deficits have reached all time highs, our budget deficits are unfathomable, and consumption is a greater percentage of our GDP than ever before. Oh, and the value of our dollar is falling through the floor. Obama is even warning us of a “double dip” because of all of this spending which he created! The audacity of this guy!

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