California Proposition 14 Open Primary Ballot Language Decision Favorable to Independents

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More commentary this weekend on California’s Proposition 14 “top two” open primary referendum after Judge Allen Sumner’s ballot wording ruling on Friday. The ruling was seen as a win for independent voters by attorney Harry Kresky of IndependentVoting and by Californians for an Open Primary/Yes on 14… Meanwhile, state Rep. Hunter Greene, a Republican who chairs the state House Ways and Means Committee, wants an open primary for Louisiana….


  • Editorial: Bay Area News Group urges a yes vote on Proposition 14 (Oakland Tribune Medianews editorial)
  • California GOP ends conference bullish, but shadowed by past defeats (By Jack Chang, Sac Bee)
  • ‘Ayatollah’ Willie Brown wants a more moderate Legislature (George Skelton, LA Times/Capitol Journal)
  • Electoral reforms won’t fix California gridlock (Eric McGhee, San Francisco Chronicle)


  • Greene says return to open primaries (The Advocate/Inside Politics)

    More at The Hankster

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