BREAKING: Times Square Terrorist Bomb Plot Said To Have International Ties

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in New York, New York City, Terrorism, The War On Terrorism

Looks like their may be a Pakistani connection after all, but it still doesn’t appear that those who initially claimed responsibility are tied to this.

From ABC News:

The Washington Post, quoting Obama Administration sources, said the attempted bombing “increasingly appears to have been coordinated by several people in a plot with international links.”

Other law enforcement officials said the investigation was closing in on the driver of the vehicle and an unknown number of others connected to him.

“This is moving very fast because they left behind a treasure trove of evidence in the unexploded car,” one US official told ABC News.

And here’s more on the former owner of the vehicle and who he sold his SUV to…

Officials told ABC News Senior Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas that the Connecticut owner of the vehicle told them he had sold the Nissan SUV last month in an unrecorded sale to an “Arabic or Latino looking man” in his 20′s or 30′s, for a few hundred dollars in cash.

The license plate on the car was apparently stolen from an auto repair shop outside Bridgeport, Connecticut, according to law enforcement officials.

The authorities told ABC News that the previous owner provided a description of the man who bought the car, and told investigators the vehicle was sold for several hundred dollars in cash, with no written records identifying the purchaser.

By the way, the administration has officially deemed this a terrorist act. So that’s why the title was written that way.

More as it develops…

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One Response to “BREAKING: Times Square Terrorist Bomb Plot Said To Have International Ties”

  1. Times Square Bomb Plot Suspect, Faisal Shahzad, Arrested At JFK Airport - Justin Gardner - Political Pulse - True/Slant Says:

    [...] The man is said to be the same Pakistani American who had been the subject of numerous news reports earlier in the day. [...]

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