No Labels To Launch on December 13th

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Politics

If you haven’t heard yet, a new organization has popped up that promises to be a non-partisan/centrist/independent/moderate alternative for the rest of us.

It’s called No Labels and it’s launching next Monday. Happy Birthday to me.

Also, the symbol of the “party” is a buffalo.

I was born in Buffalo, NY.


Yes, completely.

Donklephant contributor and author of the Rise of the Center blog, Solomon Kleinsmith, will be at the launch and has this to say about the partisan attacks this group is already weathering…

As for all the theories flying around, John Avlon, centrist independent pundit on CNN, former Giuliani speechwriter and columnist at The Daily Beast, might say these folks have a variant of what he calls Obama or Bush derangement syndrome, where ideology has blinded them to such a degree that they can’t just see something for what it is. No Labels doesn’t fit into their artificial ideological worldview, so they pull off mental gymnastics to invent wingnut conspiracy theories about how the group must be a puppet of dark forces from the other end of the political spectrum.

These ad hominem attacks are one sign that No Labels is my kinda group. I put up with the same attacks every day myself.

I’ve been praying for years for a well organized, well funded and professionally run political organization that centrist independents like myself could genuinely be a part of without being treated like second class citizens. I’m happy to see them attempting to create a big tent where moderates from both sides can work together with centrist independents. If I were to put together a MoveOn for moderates, as some aptly are calling No Labels, it would look largely like what I have seen from them thus far.

Let’s just hope we’re not seeing another Unity ’08. Something tells me we’re not. They look like they have a specific agenda and that’s a lot more than what we saw a couple years ago. Still, I have my doubts.

More as it develops…

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3 Responses to “No Labels To Launch on December 13th”

  1. Josh Cowan Says:

    Thanks for the update, I look forward to more details, for example, what are they actually trying to accomplish and how do they think they can do it.

  2. Chris Says:

  3. Donar Says:

    The Buffalo needs some Gnads!

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