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Open Thread

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I had no interest in “The Wedding!” today but my wife DVR’d it and I ended up watching. I enjoyed thinking about the politics of the wedding and couldn’t help thinking of my favorite “crystal-clutching-hobbit-dork” series A Song of Ice and Fire. I’m sure there’s all kinds of intrigue happening behind the scenes here. Two […]

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Here You Go, Donald!

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Yes, I’ve had posting privileges here for years but have not had the time or reason to create posts. But hey, here’s something for Donald Trump and the Bellowing Birthers, fresh and hot from the White House: Obama’s Original Long Form Birth Registration Enjoy. Tweet

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Trump “Obama Birth Certificate Missing”; Hawaiian Republican Official “I’ve Seen It”

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The ironic thing about all of this is that Obama’s actual birth certificate isn’t even allowed for official use in Hawaii, but the Certificate of Live Birth, the document he has been using since the get go, is allowed. The only reason Trump opens his mouth these days is to change shoes… “Well I’ve been […]

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Ron Paul To Run For President In 2012

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He’s in! From National Journal: Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, whose outspoken libertarian views and folksy style made him a cult hero during two previous presidential campaigns, will announce on Tuesday that he’s going to try a third time. Sources close to Paul, who is in his 12th term in the House, said he will unveil […]

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Gabrielle Giffords Can Use Left Side Of Body Perfectly

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In March we reported that Gabrielle Giffords was talking in full sentences, although it wasn’t easy. Looks like that’s still the case, but now she can use the left side of her body as if nothing had happened. “Her left side is perfect,” (Giffords’ Chief of Staff Pia) Carusone says. “She can do whatever you […]

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Donald Trump Wonders Why Reporters Won’t Ask Him Anything But Birther Questions?

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I keep asking myself if Trump is actually this clueless or is this all an act? Oh, he also says that he has learned some very interesting things about Obama’s origins and will reveal them soon. Something tells me we’re seeing another Geraldo Rivera “Al Capone’s Vault” moment. Anybody else feel the same? Some bad […]

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Raul Castro Could Reform Cuba

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Many thought that there would be no difference between him and his brother. Well, if he keeps his promises…boy were “many” wrong. From Ahram Online: For the first time since he and his brother came to power more than a half century ago, President Raul Castro proposed term limits for Cuba’s leaders, admitted that errors […]

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Vouching Healthcare

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You can find more at Political Graffiti. Tweet

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Politico Thinks Donald Trump Might Be For Real…Maybe

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I still think it’s a stunt, but Trump is making moves towards running a real campaign. So says Politico: Despite an almost universal refusal by Republican establishment figures and the press to take him seriously, Donald Trump is taking very concrete steps toward forming — and announcing — a presidential campaign. He has interviewed at […]

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Open Thread

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Townes Van Zandt was an incredible songwriter and a great storyteller. I first heard this song on a live album where he’s playing in Germany. He explains that Amarillo is a town in Texas where the wind blows 80 miles per hour all the time. He says the hippies look real funny there because their […]

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