What’s New In The VEEPstakes

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marco rubio

In a recent National Journal poll, Marco Rubio smoked the competition as both the Democrat and Republican choice for a Republican running mate. See what other names came up. (Eric Cantor… really??)

Also, in the news this week, there’s a Romney / Christie love-fest brewing, which leads many to speculate that, if given the nomination, Romney will have his heart set on wooing Governor Christie away from New Jersey. (Good luck, Mitt! NJ has Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi!) Check out what Romney said!

Herman Cain must have felt his Tuesday debate performance was plenty good enough because he’s floating possible VP short list names around already. Newt Gingrich might not come as a surprise, but he has also mentioned Jim DeMint and Paul Ryan as favorites. Here’s our analysis of these picks. 

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6 Responses to “What’s New In The VEEPstakes”

  1. cranky critter Says:

    Romney won’t pick a 2nd northeast pro-business conservative.

  2. Lee Says:

    Herman had a really good performance in Tuesday debate and it is going to have a very good impact in his future as well.

  3. Angelie Says:

    This is really a great and wonderful read.Thanks for this post,i’m glad to know this.Keep it up!!

  4. Jennn Fusion Says:

    CC – Not even Chris Christie? Let’s face it… Marco Rubio will never go for it. Who has as much star power right now as these two? It will be hard to find…

  5. cranky critter Says:

    Can you envision Chris Christie as an assistant or vice anything I sure can’t.

    If Christie isn’t feeling being president, its for sure he isn’t feeling VICE President.

  6. Jennn Fusion Says:

    It’s probably a damaging career move, but he sure put himself out on a limb by being such an enthusiastic Romney supporter! If he’s asked, he’ll have to put his money where his mouth is, I’d think.

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