Opportunistic, partisan hackery

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I’m reading Crooks and Liars before bed. There’s this post about Mitt Romney’s dog that ends with:

Earlier this year, PolitiFact verified Collins’ version of the tale.

“Seamus was strapped to the roof of the family car, but in a carrier with a protective windscreen,” they wrote. “We rate Collins’ statement Mostly True.”

It’s odd, I think, that they’re using PolitiFact to confirm the truth of the story considering C&L has been up in arms with PolitiFact’s lie of the year for most of a week.

And then I get to the previous post:

Thursday, Politifact Editor Bill Adair probably ruined his outlet’s chances of ever being taken seriously again as an objective debunker of political spin.

Seriously? Can someone from C&L please explain why their partisan hackery is OK – but it’s OUTRAGEOUS when the Right plays like that?

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