Trump Registers As Independent

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Independents, Republicans, The Donald

After the Trump/Newsmax debacle, this isn’t a surprise.

Still, does The Donald really believe he has a chance?

From The Hill:

Donald Trump changed his voter registration Thursday to Independent, his special counsel confirmed to The Hill.

“[Trump registered] in order to preserve his right to run as an Independent after the finale of ‘The Apprentice’ in May, if he is not satisfied with whom the candidate is,” Michael Cohen told The Hill.

Cohen added that Trump is unhappy with how the Republicans “are handling the payroll tax issue” and how the Obama administration “continues to allow China to take advantage of the trade agreement.”

From my POV, I think Donald knows he would only pull support from the GOP and he won’t run because of it.

Still, he could be entertaining in the 2012 campaign. And he certainly has enough funds to make a run. But between his birther opinions and his ego, Trump may prove to be a fixture yet.

More as it develops…

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3 Responses to “Trump Registers As Independent”

  1. Mike A. Says:

    Really? Why should we care?

  2. George Hall Says:

    I agree with you–if Trump runs (which he probably won’t), it will at least be entertaining. I’d love to see Donald Trump face off with some of the other Republicans in a debate, especially Ron Paul. For that matter, how entertaining would it be to see Trump debate Obama? That would be classic.

  3. cranky critter Says:

    I’m rejecting his application. Sorry Donny, but you’re just not independent material.

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