“Hey! Two boys kissing?”

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My 5 year old daughter saw this picture while I was reading the article.

The title of this post was her reaction. I answered “yup”. She asked “Why?” I said “Because they love each other.” She thought about it for about three seconds moved on to something else.

I mention this because later I went over to Freerepublic (I’m not going to link) and among all the hateful comments from “Christians” were several comments to the effect of “AND THEY DID THAT IN FRONT OF A TODDLER NO LESS!!” and “Thank God my child didn’t have to see this! What would I say?”

People love one another and sometimes they kiss. Problem solved.

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3 Responses to ““Hey! Two boys kissing?””

  1. Shannon Says:

    Thank you for posting this. As a heterosexual woman I have multiple homosexual friends whom I love dearly and will defend to the death. It’s so hard to understand why “Christians” can’t realize that love is love and hate is hate and what they portray with their ignorance is hate. And judgement for that matter. I realize it’s not all Christains that choose to belittle same sex couples, but the ones that do really give the ones that don’t a shameful name. In my perfect world everyone would just see things for what they are, not what they think they should be.

  2. PrettyPaula Says:

    well said

  3. Tully Says:

    Hear hear! Well said.

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