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Exploded Oil Rig Paid Over $700K In Fines In 2010 Alone

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The Vermilion 380 blew up today, but it looks like we may have dodged an oily bullet. Still, could it have been prevented? Well, as the title suggest, it’s very likely. Because fines are usually in the thousands to tens of thousands. So, to be fined the better part of a million dollars is patently […]

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Top Kill

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The Greek Financial Crisis Explained…In Cartoons!!!

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Cartoons, Disasters, Economy, europe, Greece, Money, Video

A couple of fun videos outlining what happened in Southern Europe. Part One Part Two I’ll share Part Three when it’s available…but we all know that the EU opened up the cash drawer and created a TARP fund of their very own to make sure that these countries remain solvent…at least for now. More as […]

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Does the Bernie Madoff doll (or action figure) trivialize his scam victims?

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In this economy, would you pay $149.99 for a Bernie Madoff action figure? Would your answer be influenced if you knew it was a limited edition action figure? is no stranger to controversy, brazenly giving G.I. Joe collectors the meanest enemies possible to wage war on — Saddam, Osama, Hugo Chavez.  Without bad guys, […]

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Joe The Plumber Thinks Media Shouldn’t Report On Wars

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Kind of an odd statement coming from a guy who accepted a paid gig to be a war correspondent, but hey…it’s not like Pajamas TV is paying Wurzelbacher to be consistent or even correct. AP reports… And here’s a partial transcript just in case you can’t see the video… I’ll be honest with you. I […]

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Bush Outlines “Wish List” Legacy In New Memo

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I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried. But after 8 years of being told half truths, who will believe any of this…especially now that word has leaked that these are just talking points? From LA Times: A two-page memo that has been sent to Cabinet members and other high-ranking officials offers a guide […]

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Texas Coast Still Waiting on FEMA

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Disasters, FEMA, Texas

Over two months since Hurricane Ike hit the Texas coast, there is still substantial damage and many state authorities are accusing FEMA of dragging its feet. Texas Governor Rick Perry has even announced he’s giving up on waiting for FEMA and will pay for the cleanup out of state coffers. He plans to stick FEMA […]

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Freddie Mac And Fannie Mae Have Been Nationalized

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Another month, another bailout, and this one is a biggie. From NY Times: Mr. Paulson’s plan begins with a pledge to provide additional cash by buying a new series of preferred shares that would offer dividends and be senior to both the existing preferred shares and the common stock that investors already hold. The two […]

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Relentless: How Barack Obama Outsmarted Hillary Clinton

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As I’ve said frequently in the past year, Clinton and her team was not up to the task of running the country. Disagree with me if you like, but as numerous behind-the-scenes exposes come out that show just how dysfunctional the campaign was, Democrats everywhere should breathe a sigh of relief that they secured Obama […]

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How Did Hillary Implode?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Democrats, Disasters, Hillary, History

New article from TNR today that has Clinton campaign insiders revealing how it all went so horribly wrong, and some of the details squaring with what we’ve talked about here frequently. Among the most notable screwups… Mark Penn had no business being a Chief Strategist Patti Solis Doyle had no business being a Campaign Manager […]

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