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Tiananmen Square & China – 23 Years Later

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in China, History

Hard to believe it has been over 20 years since that fateful day. They’re remembering the fallen in Hong Kong… The Hong Kong demonstrators massed in a downtown park, holding candles around a June 4 memorial and a replica of the Goddess of Democracy statue that was built in Tiananmen Square before tanks and troops […]

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How Did You Feel The Day After 9/11?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in History

I thought about posting something yesterday, but it just didn’t feel right. As if I’d somehow be exploiting the day for page views. I know, it’s a dumb thing to think, but I just didn’t feel like piling on top of all of the rest of the posts. So I’ll answer my own question. What […]

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Iron Lady Preview

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in England, History, Video

The story of Margaret Thatcher is set to hit the big screens in 2012 and here’s a glimpse… I think it’s a winner. Your thoughts? Tweet

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Reagan, Obama, and Presidential Leadership

By Nick Ragone | Related entries in Barack, Books, History, Obama, Reagan

I have a new book that came out a few weeks ago on presidential leadership, aptly titled “Presidential Leadership: 15 Decisions that Changed the Nation.  I’m claiming that as my excuse for not blogging much on this site since the 2008 election. I mention it because the final two chapters of the book are Reagan […]

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The Constitutionality of Mandated Health Insurance Circa 1798

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Constitution, Health Care, History

Rick Ungar digs up an argument ender for the idea that the Founders would never be in favor of mandated health care. They were…because they passed a VERY similar law in the 6th Congress. Rick…take it away… In July of 1798, Congress passed – and President John Adams signed – “An Act for the Relief […]

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Can We Ever Trust John Edwards Again?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Crazy, Edwards, History, Obama

My answer? Ummm…no. Well, at least with anything political. I’d trust him to borrow a garden hose, but that’s about it. Because if even one tenth of what’s in the new book ‘Game Change’ is true about Edwards (and his wife) it would be enough. The book paints Edwards as a reckless opportunist, an ego […]

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Ahhh, Remember The Good Ole Days?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Comedy, History, Partisan Hacks, Republicans, Video

The Daily Show lampoons Glenn Beck’s, Sean Hannity’s & Bill O’Reilly’s clarion calls to the right about how America is being transformed into something scary and unrecognizable. Enjoy… And scene. Tweet

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The Decade That Was. The Decade That Will Be.

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in History

As the saying goes, “May you live in interesting times.” On Decemeber 31, 1999, who would have thought that… …George W. Bush would be elected president…by the Supreme Court? …he would then go on to win two terms? …the Twin Towers would no longer exist? …we would declare war on Afghanistan and Iraq? …Governor Arnold […]

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Dwight Eisenhower: Another Bower In Chief

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Comedy, History

To Charles De Gaulle… To the wife of Italian Prime Minister Giovanni Gronchi… To Pope John XXIII… Maybe he just liked to sneak a peek at their shoes? (h/t: Gaucho Politico & Lawyers, Guns & Money) Tweet

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If You Only Read One Post About A Sculpture Featuring Bernie Madoff, A Flying Bull & The Wall Street Crisis, Make It This One

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Art, Economic crisis, History, Money

Bernie Madoff being pinned to the wall by a huge, farting bull…which is supposed to represent Wall Street. All from the mind of Chinese artist Chen Wenling. I mean, come on…that is AWESOME! A question…if you had to create a sculpture that summed up what happened last year…what would it look like and why? (Photo: […]

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