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Apologies For The Redirects

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in News

Hello all. It’s been a while and I wanted to let you know about the fresh hell I went through these past few months figuring out what was going on with the site. Suddenly, one day, Donklephant started to redirect to Why? I didn’t know. And I couldn’t log in to the WordPress back […]

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Donklephant On Hiatus

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in News

After almost 10,000 posts and 50,000 comments, I’m announcing that the site is going offline for a while. This is for a few reasons. First and foremost, I haven’t been actively posting for a long time, and I’ve talked about the reasons why a few times. After 8 years, I’m not as engaged in politics […]

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SCOTUS, Prop 8, Madison and Majority Rule

By mw | Related entries in California, Civil Liberties, Constitution, Gay Marriage, News, Supreme Court

The Supreme Court considers the question of whether California’s Proposition 8 ban on same sex marriage is constitutional. So what should happen when the majority acts against a minority, as in Proposition 8? Particularly when we see the executive branch make a craven political decision to not act, and legislators at both the federal and state level unwilling to act. In such a case, it seems obvious that the judiciary is the last firewall to protect our civil liberties, and it is only the judiciary that can preserve minority rights against the will of the majority. In such a case, not only is judicial action acceptable, it is necessary, even when it means substituting judicial fiat for democratic majority or legislative action. Self evident inalienable individual rights should trump the majority every time.

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Romney Love

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Why Are Things so Partisan?

By David Summers | Related entries in Bipartisan, Elections, Independents, News, Partisan Nonsense, Voting

In my previous article (on how you can write-in “None of the Above”, rather than be forced into the choices dictated by the two party system,, I just noted how the write-in ballot can be used to express one’s dissatisfaction with the current partisan system, without really getting into how & why things came […]

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You Can Vote “None of the Above”

By David Summers | Related entries in News

Think about everything you have heard from the two presidential campaigns. How much of it was attempts to convince you that an opponent is a “bad guy”, someone who probably doesn’t even care about the country (or even, in some diatribes, actually wants to undermine it)? For example, it seems we are expected to believe […]

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Gonzo and Chick Fil A

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Rise of the Algos – Knight Capital and the Inevitable Catastrophic HFT Market Meltdown

By mw | Related entries in Bad Decisions, Banks, News, Regulations, Wall Street, WTF?

A High Frequency Trading proprietary algorithm crafted by highly compensated brains-on-sticks and nurtured in the bowels of an investment bank escaped into the wild. From its carefully co-located massively parallel high speed trading computer it emerged to wreak havoc on the financial markets. In this case, it was a happy ending. The algo turned on its master and sucked the very life blood out of the firm that deployed it.Once Knight Capital’s algo was identifed as the culprit, the public company’s stock was slashed by 1/3 – a $300 million market cap haircut decapitation. That was Wednesday before we knew how much the algo lost on the trades. On Thursday morning KCG’s stock was slashed in half again when the trading loss was being reported at $440 Million. The incident is yet another lights-flashing, klaxon-blaring warning signal that competing HFT algorithms operating with the speed, size and complexity that are commonplace today cannot be adequately regulated, tested, or managed. Their interactions with each other cannot even be fully understood or predicted.

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Why the left whining about “False Equivalence” is equivalent to the right whining about “Liberal Media Bias”

By mw | Related entries in health care reform, Media, News, Obama, Partisan Nonsense, Supreme Court

The President’s comments at the Associated Press luncheon on Tuesday received a great deal of media attention. the President thinks the press might be afflicted by an “impulse” to suggest that both Republicans and Democrats are at fault for failing to compromise. He goes on to patiently explain that this is completely untrue – in fact this is “false equivalence” and bad reporting. The charge of “false equivalence” from the left is nothing more or less than political spin hoping to have the identical effect on perception of MSM reporting that the right seeks to achieve with “Liberal media bias.”

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“Hey! Two boys kissing?”

By Jacob | Related entries in News

My 5 year old daughter saw this picture while I was reading the article. The title of this post was her reaction. I answered “yup”. She asked “Why?” I said “Because they love each other.” She thought about it for about three seconds moved on to something else. I mention this because later I went […]

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